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Speedway’s Daredevil Brewing Co. may just be Indiana’s hottest brewery

In the shadow of champion-making Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Daredevil Brewing Co. is a champion in its own right with its award-winning brews...

Speedway, Indiana has long been famous for its champions- fearless racers who battled Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a chance to drink the milk and kiss the bricks. These days, there’s another champion in town, but they don’t celebrate with milk. They celebrate with beer. Meet Daredevil Brewing Co., the appropriately-named, award-winning brewery just blocks from IMS.

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say, and that’s exactly why Daredevil Brewing reinvented itself from their original Shelbyville location to a 10,000 sq. ft. brewery and tap room in the quickly-evolving Speedway area.

What began simply enough as a 1 year-round beer brewery quickly became a household name in the Indianapolis craft beer scene as their “Lift Off IPA” really “took off.” (Sorry, couldn’t resist) Running with the success of Lift Off, they moved to their present Speedway location and were able to wow beer drinkers with a much larger variety of steady and seasonal brews.

These days, their Speedway tap room is serving up some of the best beers in the entire country. Think we’re stretching? Well, we can confidently say they’re serving up the best beers in the state. They have the hardware to prove it after being named 2017 Grand Champion Brewery, Indiana Brewery of the Year, and Best in Show for their Pils German Pilsner at the Indiana Brewers Cup.

We stopped by to see what all the fuss what about, and, wow, we were not disappointed. The industrial/mechanical-feeling tap room served us some of the best craft beers we’ve tasted in years.

Of course, their Lift Off IPA remains a favorite, but these days they have a beer in just about every style for every taste. (and some darn good food options)

And one more thing… We just love their branding. A helmet for a brewery steps away from the most famous racing venue in the world. It’s just perfect.

If you’re a fan of excellent craft beers, make the quick little jump over to Speedway for Daredevil Brewing Co.. You won’t regret it.

Daredevil Brewing Co.

1151 N Main Street

Indianapolis, IN 46224



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