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Jack Daniels if you please… Making the pilgrimage to Lynchburg, TN

A trip to the little town of Lynchburg, TN for the Jack Daniels Distillery Tour is a must-do for any whiskey lover...

When it comes to American whiskey, there’s no name more well-known than Jack Daniels. The distinctive Old No.7 bottles can be spotted easily at almost every bar and liquor store in the country and a Jack and Coke continues to be a staple decade after decade. Heck, Jack Daniels has even woven its way through our radios with singers from David Allen Coe to Eric Church to Kesha all paying tribute to the legendary brown elixir from Lynchburg, TN.

The brand is so iconic nearly 300,000 people a year make a pilgrimage to Lynchburg to tour the distillery, and this fall, we were some of them…

The Jack Daniels Distillery Tour in Lynchburg, TN

Half the fun of the Jack Daniels Distillery Tour is just getting to Lynchburg, TN. The town of just over 6,000 isn’t just off a highway exit somewhere. It’s down in the hills and hollers of Tennessee, and to get there, you take some beautiful two lane roads that twist and turn their way down to the town. It’s the kind of place you have to want to get to. You’re not just going to stumble into the Jack Daniels Distillery. (And thanks to the fact its a dry county, you aren’t going to stumble your way out either.)

Once at the distillery, you’re immediately greeted by a large statue of the man himself, Jack Daniels. Surrounding him is a host of displays about the area, the distilling process, and even their bottle designs from over the years.

When it comes to the tours, you have several options ranging from a short bus tour to the dry-tour to the “Taste of Lynchburg” tour featuring not only a tour and some whiskey samples but a country meal at the nearby Miss Mary Bobo’s.

We took the “Flight of Jack Daniel’s Tour,” which we’d venture to say is the most popular choice since it includes a whiskey tasting.

After corralling our group, the tour guide, complete with a thick and charming southern draw, took us outside for a group photo before putting us on a little bus to take us to the start of the tour.

The tour itself consists of several stops as you walk through both the historic sites and active distillery operations. One of our favorite stops was Jack’s old office which features the very safe that led to his untimely death. (We’d tell you the story, but we think you should just wait until you take the tour!)

From his old office, you make your way into the actual production facilities where you learn each step in the process of Jack Daniels distilling.

Of course, for most of us, the tour was all building to one thing- the tasting session!

Once you’ve learned all about the oldest registered distillery in the US and how their whiskey is made, it’s time to try some. We walked through the doors of one of the barrel houses and were seated with trays of Jack Daniels whiskeys in front of us as well as a complimentary whiskey glass souvenir.

After trying five variations of Jack Daniels, the tour concluded, and we exited into the little liquor store with a huge selection of Jack products. Of course, we had to buy a bottle and settled on one of the Angel’s Share limited release bottles. They also offer onsite bottle engraving if you really want to immortalize your visit.

When you're done at the distillery, it’s just a short walk to the town square of Lynchburg. Here you’ll find the delicious Miss Bobo’s as well as other spots for a bite. There’s also plenty of quaint little shops and even a good size Jack Daniels gift shop.

Overall, the trip to Jack Daniels Distillery did not disappoint. From the history to the process of distilling, it was all fascinating and well-organized. It’s a perfect day trip from Nashville or a good detour for anyone traveling through Tennessee. For more info on their daily tours, visit the Jack Daniels website.

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