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About Two Lane America

Experts on the great American road trip.

Making memories every mile

For the better part of a decade, Two Lane America has been on the road in some capacity with Route 66 always being a cornerstone of our travels.

Austin Coop, founder and lead tour guide, has personally traversed the 2,400+ miles of Route 66 dozens and dozens of times. His love for the Mother Road led to lifelong friendships and partnerships with the small businesses and funky roadside attractions along the way.

As a professional tour director, Austin has escorted over 2,000 people across the US.

In addition to Route 66, he's guided people all over the United States, particularly the South and West. From the honky tonks of Nashville to the stunning national parks of Utah and Wyoming, he's well-versed in it all.

When not on the road, we're writing about it.

We know (from lots of experience) planning your own trip can be daunting and doing the whole thing by yourself can be isolating.


Our goal is to bring our guests an authentic road trip experience with zero stress.

Put simply, we know the way.

Read what some of our guests have to say here.



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