Want to help mistreated animals? Like beer? Have we got the place for you…

    We don’t need much of an excuse to throw back a couple good craft beers… It’s Friday. It’s raining. It’s sunny. It’s been a good day. It’s been a bad day. You’ll never have to twist our arm to get us to a local brewery, but Metazoa Brewing Co. in Indianapolis, IN may have given us the best excuse ever: each beer guzzled helps an animal in need.

    That’s right. Metazoa Brewing Co. donates 5% of all its profits to animal and wildlife organizations. Every IPA you imbibe and every stout you savor actually helps some furry creature locally or around the world.

    We’ll cheers to that.

    Of course, giving us a good beer and telling us it’s partly for charity was enough to get us in the door, but Metazoa kept us there by offering a pretty sweet taproom experience. After sampling several of their adventurous brews, we started to take in the sights.

    The first thing you’ll notice is the place is dog-friendly. (Shocker, right? In fact, they’re generally “all pets” friendly so you could, in theory, bring a cat. Good luck with that leashed cat.) From the dog treats on the bar to the designated dog walk areas, this is the place to bring your pooch on a nice afternoon.

    Aside from Metazoa’s decidedly dog-friendly vibe, there are plenty of other reasons it’s a good place to enjoy a beer. Ample bar seating and tables make it a good place to meet friends or even sneak a beer while you do some work on your laptop, and their outdoor seating even gives you a nice little glimpse of the downtown Indianapolis skyline.

    If you’ve read our reviews of breweries before, you know we shy away from actually commenting on the beers too much, because, well, we’re not experts on beer taste profiles. We will say Metazoa was serving up a chocolate peanut butter milk stour (called Puppy Slumber Party) that we swear tasted like a thousand bowls of Halloween candy poured into a glass. (Their regular Kitten Slumber Party is pretty tasty too).

    Overall, Metazoa’s good vibes, good beers, and good causes make it a no-brainer for any beer (or animal) lover spending time in Indianapolis.

    Metazoa Brewing Co.

    140 S. College Ave.

    Indianapolis, IN 46202



    Oh, and since we’re a big fan of their charitable efforts, we thought you might like to see the places benefiting from your 5% and consider following along with a few of them on social media or even making a direct donation…

    1. Prison Greyhounds fosters retired racing greyhounds and teaches them basic house manners prior to their adoption into permanent loving homes. 

    2. Red Wolf Sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates a variety of wild animals, from bears and cougars to owls and eagles.

    3. Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary provides permanent high-quality sanctuary care for New World monkeys being retired from laboratory research, ex-pets, or monkeys who have been confiscated by the authorities.

    4. Friends of Ferdinand rehabilitates, retrains, and finds homes for retired racehorses whose owners no longer care for them.

    5.  Black Pine Animal Sanctuary cares for displaced, captive-raised exotic animals and educates the public about responsible animal care.

    6.  Exotic Feline Rescue Center rescues and houses neglected, abused, or abandoned big cats, including tigers, lions, leopards, and more.

    7. Humane Society of Indianapolis shelters animals, provides adoption services, and advocates for animal welfare and wellness.


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