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The Oasis Diner of Plainfield, IN is a true roadtripper's food paradise

Take a seat at the perfectly restored Oasis Diner in Plainfield, IN and be whisked all the way back to the 1950s...

Located just minutes west of Indianapolis in Plainfield, IN, the Oasis Diner is one of the best examples of a classic diner you’ll find anywhere in the midwest. With its shiny stainless steel, retro interior, and delicious menu, the Oasis Diner reminds us of the good ol’ days when road trips meant stopping at diners like it across the United States.

Just as luck may have it, we were able to give it a try on our own little road trip to Indianapolis…

To truly appreciate the Oasis, you have to appreciate the history of the American “diner.”

The “diner” in America dates back to the 1800s as enterprising restauranteurs began creating little places to grab a bite along wagon routes. Capitalizing on the popularity of train travel, these businessmen started making their little food stands look like “dinning cars” found on trains. Just like that, the “diner” was born.

Fast-foward to the 1950s as America’s love with the automobile coincided with its post-war economic boom to put more people on the road than ever before. The “diner” and its unique ability to be built and then shipped to a site, became more popular than ever.

With so many diners now dotting the American roadways, diner manufacturers like Mountain View Diners in Signac, NJ, builder of the Oasis, started creating more and more beautiful diners… more stainless steel, more chrome, more neon, and more art deco & futuristic touches to lure in travelers. The Oasis was a prime example.

The Oasis Diner first opened its doors in the mid-1950s and served hungry travelers and locals through different owners until the late 2000s when the owner’s health forced the diner to close. A couple years later, the diner was at risk of becoming just another defunct roadside relic.

Thankfully, the town of Plainfield and the current owners, Doug Huff and Don Rector, stepped in and not only saved the Oasis, but moved it and restored it to its original beauty.

Today, the Oasis Diner stands tall once again, welcoming out-of-town folks like us day after day as well serving hot coffee and cold milkshakes to the many local regulars.

We stopped in for breakfast and weren’t disappointed. For a remarkably reasonable price, we were absolutely feasted on some “loaded biscuits and gravy,” which is basically all your favorite breakfast components covered in a rich sausage gravy. (Official menu description: Homemade buttermilk biscuits smothered with sausage gravy, piled high with two eggs, home fries, crumbled bacon and shredded cheese.)

All too often, a restaurant does one of two things: impresses you with taste or tries to to just overwhelm you with quantity. The Oasis Diner did both, a rare feat in road food (especially breakfast). We’re confident in saying it’s one of the best diner breakfasts we’ve ever enjoyed.

Our only regret is not getting a chance to be at the Oasis for dinner, but, oh, we'll be back. With one of the state's top ranked pork tenderloins, we might make a trip to Indiana just to try it.

Hailed as the only classic diner on US 40 in the entire state of Indiana, the super-cool Oasis Diner in Plainfield, IN is a must-stop for anyone doing a trip across the famed “National Road,” or anyone wanting to get out of Indy for a quick trip back in time.

405 W Main St

Plainfield, Indiana 46168

(317) 837-7777

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