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The Rock Cola Cafe is packed full of nostalgic goodness

Love stuff from the 1950s and 60s? Yeah, the Rock Cola 50s Cafe in Indianapolis does too. Grab a tenderloin and feast your eyes on all their cool vintage goodies...

A few minutes east of downtown Indianapolis in the Irvington neighborhood you’ll find a true-life Rock Cola Cafe, just like the days of old. From the vintage Corvette murals on the outside of the little cinderblock building to the bust of Elvis on the roof, the outside just makes you to wonder how fun the little cafe is on the inside. Well, we’re going to show you… Step inside the Rock Cola 50s Cafe.

Once inside the Rock Cola Cafe, the little space is packed with so much nostalgia it’s hard to take it all in. James Dean stares at your from one wall while Marilyn Monroe winks at you from another. Of course, there are a few nods to vintage Indy 500s as well.

Sit in a booth or grab a vintage chrome stool and spend a few minutes just trying to spot all the different pieces of classic advertising. One recurring theme keeps popping up… Choc-Ola.

Wait, why does that sound familiar?

If you grew up anytime between 1940 and 1990, chances are you remember this drink of chocolatey goodness.

But whatever happened to good ol’ Choc-Ola? That’s the same question Dan Iaria, owner of the Rock Cola Cafe, had in the late 2000s.

Turns out, the drink had been acquired by another company and shelved in 1985. It also turns out the company had let the trademark expire. Dan snatched it up, perfected the recipe over the course of 4 years, and brought the beloved drink of his (and your) childhood back to life.

Dan’s problem now? It’s so popular he has trouble keeping it in stock! If you go to Rock Cola Cafe, definitely see if you can snatch a Choc-Ola!

Anyway, back to the cafe… After taking in the sights, it’s time to order. While their entire menu looks pretty delicious (our stools allowed us to watch several to-go orders being prepared), it’s their grilled pork tenderloin they’re famous for.

In a state where the breaded tenderloin seems to be king, a massive grilled tenderloin is a nice change of pace.

Overall, this east side spot is a blast from the past with friendly folks behind the counter, good food, and plenty of fun nostalgia on every square inch of this little cafe.

5730 Brookville Rd

Indianapolis, IN


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