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The 2020 election you can't miss: town voting to elect dog as new mayor

Rabbit Hash, KY's incumbent mayor, Brynn, a pit bull, appears to be on her way out as this funky Kentucky river town seems poised to usher in fresh canine blood...


Tired of the talking heads on TV? Tired of rallies, mudslinging, and endless media ads? Between Covid-19, the election, and, well, whatever else 2020 has in mind, you're probably ready to scream into a pillow most nights. Fear not, our beloved friends in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky have an upcoming election sure to make you so dog-gone happy you'll bark at the mailman.

They're electing another 4-legged friend to be the town's mayor.

Keeping with a fairly long-standing tradition, Rabbit Hash will elect a new mayor this fall, and judging by early polling, incumbent Brynn appears to be on her way out. (Read about her election in 2016 here.)

As early voting continues, the clear front-runner is Wilbur, but Jack Rabbit appears to be right on his tail. (Check the polls here)

We also wouldn't be surprised to see a late surge by "Poppy," the only candidate endorsed by the town's most prominent business, the Rabbit Hash General Store. Their official endorsement reads:

"As storekeeper for 20 years, my personal recommendation is Poppy! Poppy is a ten year old yellow labrador who graces Rabbit Hash with her presence on a daily basis. She is the only candidate running that spends time on the front porch of the Rabbit Hash General Store, socializing, shaking paws and licking babies! She is the natural choice if you like to visit this little town and if you expect to see the Mayor upon your arrival. Politics run through Poppy's veins and in her lineage as she is a direct descendant of former Mayor, Junior Cochran! Pick Poppy for your Mayor of Rabbit Hash in 2020 so you can visit and actually see a "mayor that's there!" With Poppy as mayor, you no longer need to ask, "where's the mayor?" because she will be right where she's supposed to Rabbit Hash, Kentucky!! -Terrie Markesbery"

Of course, we shouldn't count out the other contenders, even the ones that aren't dogs such as Stella the Fat Cat. Our dark horse donkey pick is Higgins, because, well, jackasses tend to have a way of getting elected. Can we get an amen?

How can you not love this political ass?

Rabbit Hash's election is for more than just laughs and you can be a part of the good

So while their animal election always gets a lot of laughs from around the country, it's about much more than having a good time. The election raises funds often very much needed for the town. Over the years, Rabbit Hash has seen more than its fair share of floods, fires, and hard times, and each "vote" goes towards helping Rabbit Hash keep the lights on.

From Rabbit Hash:

"Are you sick of the Political Nonsense? Sick of the Covid talk? So are we! So let's have some fun while we raise money for the town of Rabbit Hash. Our small town is having a mayoral election to "loosely" coincide with the Presidential election. The current mayor, Brynneth Pawltrow, a rescued pit bull, has a race on her paws for 2020. She faces "ruff" competition from a cat, a jackass, and several canines. Who knows, we may have more candidates of other species before long. Here in Rabbit Hash we make and break the laws as we see fit (just like Washington DC).

If you've been to Rabbit Hash, you know the charm of the place, but if you haven't, put it on your bucket list and throw $10 their way! Vote now by clicking here!

About Rabbit Hash, KY:

Rabbit Hash, KY is a small community of roughly 315 people along the banks of the Ohio River. Originally known as Carlton, the town changed its name to avoid confusion with the nearby larger river town of Carrollton.

Anchored by the Rabbit Hash General Store, the “town” consists of roughly a dozen buildings, all considered a historic district.

Brynn and then Lucy Lou aren’t the town’s first canine mayors. The first mayor of Rabbit Hash was Goofy Borneman, elected in 1998 for a four year team. Sadly, he died in office in 2001 at the age of 16.

In 2004, a black lab named Junior Cochran came to power but was banned from entering his “office” (the General Store) by the Kentucky Health Department. Before the mayor’s staff could get an exemption, the mayor passed away.

In 2008, the town held a special election and picked its first female mayor, Lucy Lou.

During the warmer months, a ride to Rabbit Hash is a rite of passage for any southern Ohio or northern Kentucky motorcyclist.

For more about Rabbit Hash and its famous General Store, click here.

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