Maybe every town should elect a rescued pit bull as its mayor…

In a historic election we can all say had a wonderful outcome, Rabbit Hash, KY has elected its next mayor: a four-legged politician by the name of Brynneth Pawltro. The 3-year old rescued pit bull won her first bid for public office with a whopping 3,367 votes.

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Brynn, as she’s commonly known by the people, takes over for Lucy Lou, the noble border collie with bipartisan appeal who has led the town for the past 8 years.

Best. Campaign. Flyer. Ever.

Best. Campaign. Flyer. Ever.

While Lucy Lou may have preferred chasing the stick, new mayor Brynn seems to favor the tennis ball. No word yet on how this preference could affect local policy.

The transition of power is expected to be smooth and swift. Lucy Lou has already begun smelling Brynn’s backside and appears to approve.


Most importantly, the “election” raised several thousand dollars for the Rabbit Hash Historic Society who is actively trying to rebuilt the Rabbit Hash General Store after a fire this past winter destroyed the historic store.



In a first for the town, Rabbit Hash also named the two runner-ups as official Ambassadors of Rabbit Hash. Bourbon and Lady Stone will make appearances for the town at parades and public events whenever Brynn is unavailable.

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About Rabbit Hash, KY:

Rabbit Hash, KY is a small community of roughly 315 people along the banks of the Ohio River. Originally known as Carlton, the town changed its name to avoid confusion with the nearby larger river town of Carrollton.

Anchored by the Rabbit Hash General Store (now in the process of rebuilding), the “town” consists of roughly a dozen buildings, all considered a historic district.


Lucy Lou and Brynn aren’t the town’s first canine mayors. The first mayor of Rabbit Hash was Goofy Borneman, elected in 1998 for a four year team. Sadly, he died in office in 2001 at the age of 16.

In 2004, a black lab named Junior Cochran came to power but was banned from entering his “office” (the General Store) by the Kentucky Health Department. Before the mayor’s staff could get an exemption, the mayor passed away.

In 2008, the town held a special election and picked its first female mayor, Lucy Lou.

During the warmer months, a ride to Rabbit Hash is a rite of passage for any southern Ohio or northern Kentucky motorcyclist.

When the Rabbit Hash General Store is reopened, we’ll let you know. Of all the day trips you could take from Cincinnati, Rabbit Hash has always been our favorite.

To send congratulations to Brynn, visit her Facebook page.

To make a donation to the rebuilding efforts, click here.

Rabbit Hash

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