Ever wonder where we get our fun stickers? Wonder no longer.

Stickers, magnets, and buttons, oh my!

Is there something people love more than stickers? Ice cream? Puppies? Perhaps. but, honestly, we think stickers still steal the show. That’s why when we started Two Lane America several years ago, we knew we needed some. This is our not-so-straight forward path to sticker nirvana, so if you’re a small business, community group, or even loosely organized group of buddies that go fishing on Saturdays, read and learn from our experiences.

Like many bootstrapped ventures, we had practically no money when we started throwing up little articles on 2laneamerica.com, but we desperately wanted to look and feel like a real thing, so we decided we needed swag. Stickers were the obvious choice.

We started simply enough with trips to our local library that had a big ol’ printer capable of making stickers. We didn’t know squat, really, and our first batches of stickers showed it. They weren’t “kiss cut” to contour our logos, and thanks to the library printer’s limitations, the stickers had to be cut by hand after they were printed.

Sure, we saved some money going this route, but the only people willing to put our stickers on anything were our parents and young children.

Another small business, the Rivertown Inkery, found a cool company called “Sticker Mule,” online and started getting some stickers from them. After seeing the quality and ease of use of their site, we decided to give it a try too.

It changed our swag game forever.

For us, the low quantities that you could order proved to be perfect as we slowly started to scale up our company. When we launched our guided Route 66 tours, we knew we needed LOTS more swag, and, it was an easy choice of where to turn: Sticker Mule.

These days, we have a wide range of stickers, magnets, buttons, and even packaging tape from Sticker Mule. It always ships fast and arrives looking perfect.

(Total side note… Our fridge is also stocked with their Mule hot sauce, our preferred hot sauce for spicing up our chili-lime seasoned chicken breasts.)

The internet is full of places to order things like what we order from Sticker Mule, but we’ve never found a website quite as easy to use as theirs. The prices are competitive, and their frequent specials via email have allowed us to try new products at low quantities that we never would have otherwise.

Prime example: we have a roll of their packaging tape we bought from a sale. We never thought we needed it. Now I’ll never ship another package without this super-professional branded packing tape.

[caption id="attachment_8386" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Some of our Sticker Mule swag in one of our self-guided Route 66 tour packages.[/caption]

We know a lot of our readers, guests, and friends are pretty plugged into the automotive hobby, so we want to send you to their car decals section. Go check it out.

For all your other sticker, button, magnet, hot sauce, packing tape needs, check out all the other products Sticker Mule has to offer.