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The history of the Mother Road comes alive at the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum

Experience decades of Route 66 history in only an hour or so at the perfectly-done Oklahoma Route 66 Museum of Clinton, OK...

There are so many wonderful little (and not so little) museums and memorials along Route 66, but one of our all-time favorites has to be the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK. From the Corvette cut-out photo-op to the beautifully curated museum itself, we can’t get enough. Maybe that’s why we’ve been half a dozen times or so in the past couple years. Whether it’s your first trip down Route 66, your 10th, or you’re just looking for a break from I-40, the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum is the place for you.

Truth be told, there’s plenty of fun to be had at the museum before you even technically enter it… The main lobby always features a beautiful classic car and all sorts of other fun automobilia. The first thing most people gravitate to is the Corvette cut-out perfect for your cheesy Route 66 photo. (The staff is always happy to help with pictures too.)

After your picture behind the wheel of the classic Vette, it’s time to actually pay your admission and head into the museum.

Admission, by the way, is incredibly reasonable. (Adults $7, Seniors $5, Students $4, Family (up to 6 people) $18, Veterans and Active Military Free (with ID))

The museum is thoughtfully organized in chronological order with each exhibit showing while Route 66 served the same general purpose over the years, certain time periods saw the Mother Road lend itself to more specific purposes as events in America unfolded.

You’ll follow along with the birth of Route 66 to its role in the Dust Bowl (where it was coined by Steinbeck as “the Mother Road”) to its emergence as the post-war highway of choice for many family vacationers and young road trippers looking to head west to start anew.

The final portions of the museum focus on Route 66’s most recent history and the men and women who have and still are working to keep Route 66 on its comeback trajectory.

Once you’ve finished exploring the museum, you’ll want to budget a little bit of time and money for the gift shop. If you’ve traveled Route 66 before, you know there’s always a gift shop, but we’ve consistently found some of our favorite gifts at reasonable prices here at the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum. (Shop their store online, as well.)

There are most certainly larger museums along Route 66, but few tell the story of the Mother Road quite as well as the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum. In just about an hour or so you can take it all in and be back on the road, all for a very affordable price.

For those of you just looking to break up the monotony of I-40, it’s also a great way to get a taste of Route 66 without spending too much time detouring from your trip.

2229 West Gary Boulevard

Clinton, OK 73601

(580) 323-7866


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