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The California Route 66 Museum: an embodiment of everything great about the Mother Road

From the interactive displays to the archives to the friendliest folks in Cali, the California Route 66 Museum ranks as one of the best museums on the Mother Road…


The stretch of Route 66 from Barstow to Victorville has always been one of our favorites for some reason. Maybe we like it because we start to get that feeling that we’ve almost made it to the end of the trail. Maybe we like it because of the always-crowd-pleasing Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch or Emma Jean’s.

We think we like it because it leads us right to the door of our dear friends at the California Route 66 Museum in Victorville, CA.

The fun at the museum starts before you even go inside with their massive Route 66 mural on the wall, but once inside, you’ll find over 4,500 square feet of Mother Road wonderfulness.

The first thing you MUST do at the museum is get pictures in all the interactive exhibits like the model T truck, the VW bus, the 50s-style booth, and yes, even the outhouse.

Once you’ve cheesed it up around the place, it’s time to start digging into the plethora of displays scattered through the immense place. The museum features plenty of info and memorabilia relating to all 8 states along the Mother Road, and, of course, plenty on the rich history of the Victorville area.

If you’re a Roy Rogers fan, you’ll particularly like the back room of the museum which has plenty of info about the town’s local hero.

For us, touring the museum is always a sweet reminder of all the places we’ve traveled on our 13-day guided tours. It’s the perfect way to start to wind down a Route 66 adventure as you walk the museum and trace your own experiences on your Route 66 expedition.

If you’ve talked to us or read any of our articles, you’ll know what makes the museum truly wonderful is something we say quite often about places on Route 66: the people.

The folks running the California Route 66 Museum are about as sweet as they come. They’re always available to tell stories, help you buy some souvenirs or just chat about what your Route 66 trip has been like. They truly embody the spirit of kindness that makes Route 66 so special.

We could go on and on about the museum, but we don’t want to spoil it for you. You need to see it yourself.

16825 S D St Victorville, CA 92395

*Note: They're running somewhat limited hours and the moment so check their website and social media for the best times to visit*


By the way, the easiest way to hit up the California Route 66 Museum and all the other great sites of the Mother Road is to join us on one of our Guided Route 66 Tours. We offer both bus tours and car caravan tours.

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For Route 66 in CA, of course, the end goal is LA. BUT what about after? Consider a stunning drive up the coast on the PCH and spending a few days in San Francisco. Our friends at White Wolf offers outstanding private San Francisco tours!


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