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Cameron Trading Post: a must-stop on the way to the Grand Canyon

Making a stop at the 100+ year old Cameron Trading Post is a must for anyone looking for authentic Native American gifts on their Grand Canyon adventure...

For anyone heading into or out of the Grand Canyon from the east entrance, there’s one stop along the way that’s a must-see… a place full of Native American arts, crafts, and other gifts as well as a motel, restaurant, and even a post office. Seasoned travelers already know where we’re talking about… The 100 year-old Cameron Trading Post.

It all started with a suspension bridge over the Little Colorado River in 1911. Prior to the bridge, getting across the steep gorge was a challenge for the Navajo and Hopi living in the remote area. With the bridge in place, brothers Hubert and C.D. Richardson saw an opportunity and founded the Cameron Trading Post in 1916. Once opened, the trading post became a gathering spot for Native Americans to trade their handmade items and even livestock.

The Cameron Trading Post remained a meeting place for the nearby Native Americans and the founding brothers found themselves advising the local tribes about the ever-increasing presence of white culture and customs.

As major nearby highways like Route 66 developed and Americans fell in love with road tripping, the Cameron Trading Post found itself perfectly situated on the way to the Grand Canyon. Today, it’s still a haven for road travelers on their way to and from the Grand Canyon.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Cameron Trading Post is its size… The place has a massive collection of gifts, treats, and treasures, and a good portion of the items sold are produced locally by Native Americans.

Aside from the huge offering of goods for sale, the Cameron Trading Post serves up delicious meals in their dining room overlooking the Little Colorado River gorge. (It's an amazing place to get fry bread!) And if you’re looking for a place to stay before heading into the Grand Canyon, their motel offers comfortable lodging just minutes away from the Grand Canyon.

For us, the Cameron Trading Post is one of those roadside must-visits like Wall Drug. Like the famed South Dakota general store, Cameron Trading Post has everything you could possibly imagine- like an oasis in the desert.

Looking for some authentic Native American gifts, but not planning a trip out west anytime soon? Cameron Trading Post comes to you with their online shop.

Otherwise, be sure to stop by on your next trip to the Grand Canyon. For operating hours and directions, visit their website.

(Speaking of which, if you’re entering the Grand Canyon from the east entrance after stopping by the trading post, be sure to make your first stop the Desert View Watchtower. More on that here.)


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