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Two Lane America offers multiple tours in the USA

Anchored with our excellent Guided Route 66 Car Caravans, we’re pleased to offer multiple tours in varying styles for YOU to discover America!

Our #1 bucket list trip was absolutely perfect, thanks to Austin Coop. The planning and research can be a bit overwhelming. With Two Lane America you can relax and just enjoy the trip as everything has been planned for you. Austin’s meticulous attention to every detail is evident from the very beginning. His experiences and knowledge of the Route allowed us to see places we would have missed on our own. An added bonus was the friends that we made with Austin and the fellow travelers in our group. Two Lane America is definitely the best way to see and do Route 66!
David R.
I had wanted to travel Route 66 from start to finish for years, and with Austin Coop and his Guided Route 66 Tours from 2 Lane America I was able to do it just the way I wanted to! I loved being able to drive my own vehicle and be independent BUT more importantly, be part of a group too. As a solo female traveler I appreciated the fact that Austin and my fellow Route 66 travelers were all on the lookout for each other, should anything go wrong – and happy to say nothing did!… I have been raving about this tour ever since I returned and would recommend it to anyone who wants to travel Route 66.
Mod Betty

If you want to ensure your next vacation is a true adventure, you need to contact Two Lane America! Whether you’re an auto enthusiast or a history buff you’ll get a kick out of traveling the Mother Road, Route 66 as a guided tour. Our guide and trail master was Austin Coop. His knowledge of Route 66 along with his years of experience made him the perfect leader for this tour. Austin’s constant attention to the wants and needs of the group significantly reduced our worries about what to see, where to stay and even where to get gas along the road from Chicago to Santa Monica.  Two-Lane Americas’ Austin Coop was like having a custom Route 66 navigation system that made sure we didn’t miss a single second of the adventure. The other big plus for selecting Two Lane America is sharing the road and the experience with a great group of like-minded travelers.

Don & Carol R.


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