About Two Lane America

    Every state. Every county. Every town. There’s something special just waiting to be discovered.

    That’s what Two Lane America is all about… From big cities to small towns to our national parks to those iconic routes that stretch across the country, we’re out to tell the stories of America the only way we know how: from the road.

    If you have a great tip or would like to invite us to your city, town, neighborhood watermelon crawl- email austin@2laneamerica.com.





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    • Svein Erik Ervik

      I’ve got a link to your homepage from Greg McQueen who is a good friend of your father Terry. I,m a Norwegian guy, named Svein Erik Ervik who met Greg and Kathy in Mexico in 2004. Since than we have been close friends. me and my wife, Berit, visited them in Farmland IN two years ago and drove Route 66 the same year. Last summer they came to our country for two weeks. Next July/August (2017), me and my wife are planning to take a plane to LA, hire a car at LAX, arriving on the 19th of July and from there we will drive up to San Fransisco on the coastal road. From SF we will drive eastbound and end up in Indianapolis appr 3 weeks after starting from LAX. If you have some good advices for this trip we will be very happy (things to see, roads to drive etc)

      • Austin Coop

        Hi Svein, I’m so sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have lots of advice for that trip. Email me at austin@2laneamerica.com

    • William Hillier

      Hey Man, About 3 or 4 years ago you sent me some Roadtripper stickers in the mail. I still have some!
      Is this your new gig?
      I’ve been taking as many road trips as possible, since then.
      Been to Sedona and the bottom of the Grand Canyon one trip.
      Driven through the Hill Country in Texas (just a few hours from me)
      Last summer we rented a car in Boston, and drove up and down the coast of Maine.
      Lastly, I’ve taken 2 trips to Big Bend and love it out there!
      Keep up the good work.

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