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2023 Dates and details

We know a lot of you are chomping at the bit to sign up for 2023 Route 66 trips as well as our other offerings.

We normally wouldn't release the next year's dates while the current year is still on sale, but we know normal hasn't been in most of our vocabularies for a few years now!

We're still working on dates and pricing for our bus tours, southern trips, and a few new trips we're cooking up, but we did want to give you a chance to sign up for our 2023 Route 66 Car Caravans.

For the 66 Car Caravans, only one big shift next year... Hotel prices are going up pretty hard on us, so the 2023 retail prices will go up by $150-$200 per person on November 1st.

IF you want to sign up for 2023 before November 1st, we'll give you the 2022 rates as an early-bird special. (Just like always, a $250 deposit is required at time of registration.)

2023 Dates:

  • June 17 - June 29

  • August 19 - August 31

  • September 2 - September 14

  • September 23 - October 5*​​ 

*ABQ Balloon Fiesta Departure, add $250 per person

Have 10 or so cars that want to travel together? Reach out to us for a custom date for your group/club!

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