It’s official! William Shatner is riding his crazy motorcycle across Route 66

    All those rumors back when this project seemed like a complete pipe dream have turned out to be true… William Shatner did build this completely insane motorcycle and he is taking it out on the Mother Road this summer… Well, mostly…

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    I first told everyone about Shatner’s plans to build a crazy 3-wheeled motorcycle back in January over on Roadtrippers, but I was skeptical about ever having a follow-up. Well, I’ll eat some crow on that. William Shatner and American Wrench did indeed build that crazy contraption. Here’s the scoop straight from the horse’s mouth… (and by horse’s mouth I mean official press release)

    The legendary Hollywood icon that captained the Starship Enterprise for over 30 years, William Shatner, is teaming up with American Wrench to create the first-of-its-kind Rivet motorcycle. In conjunction with the release of Rivet, Shatner will be riding across the country to showcase the machine on the open road. The ride will kick off on June 23rd from the American Wrench shop just outside of Chicago. “The Ride” will be an 8-day journey showcasing Rivet in various cities across the United States and will be following the legendary Route 66 for most of the trek.

    Accompanying Shatner on the ride will be some of the team from American Wrench and members of The American Legion Riders. Shatner will be meeting with Legion members along the route to raise awareness for the work The American Legion does nationwide. The journey will be making stops in St. Louis, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Las Vegas before wrapping up in Los Angeles on June 30th.


    Of course, the trip will also be on TV as the Captain pilots the Rivet across the country so follow along on Twitter (@WilliamShatner and @RivetMotors) for updates so you can meet the crew and maybe get yourself on television! Also check out and

    The machine is cool, the rider is a legend, and the route features some awesome roadside classics, but the real awesome part about this trip is the fact it benefits the American Legion. Hats off to Shatner, American Wrench, and everyone involved. (Follow the American Legion Riders on Facebook)


    Oh, crap, we almost forgot… They’re giving away some t-shirts too! (and selling them if you’re not feeling very lucky)

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    More about the machine from RIVET:

    RIVET is a type of vehicle we call “Landjet”. Designed from the ground up as a 3 wheeled vehicle, with its exposed cockpit and command center, seating fit only for a captain and the harmonious roar of its brute V8, piloting RIVET gives you the feeling of flying on the open road.

    RIVET’s intent is not only to draw attention to the pilot or the vehicle itself, but to the art and craft of hand built machines, done in the spirit of keeping America’s “routes” alive.

    For updates on William Shatner’s Route 66 adventure, follow Two Lane America on Facebook!



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    • Charles Weierbach

      When will he be in New Mexico? I live 2 miles from Rte 66 in Edgewood NM

      • Austin Coop

        Hi Charles! Not sure of all details quite yet, but keep an eye out!

    • Cookie Koch/Phyllbena’s

      Do you know if William Shatner will be coming down the old alignment of Rte 66 through Gillespie, Il, or taking Interstate 55? Thanks

      • Austin Coop

        I’m not totally sure. I think he had a breakdown and is probably accelerating his time in IL. Their press team hasn’t given me any updates like they were supposed to! If you’re on Twitter, Shatner is giving on-the-road updates!

    • Michele Moore

      Austin do you have information for the California route? Las Vegas to Hollywood? I run the CA page of Overpasses for America and need to know to gather some people together to welcome Bill home and into Hollywood.
      Michele Moore

      • Austin Coop

        Hi Michele, he’s headed your way! The only steady updates I’ve been able to follow are on his twitter: The PR company hasn’t been great at updating me!

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