Who can relate to these 6 absolute travel disasters?

    via awkwardfamilyphotos.com
    via awkwardfamilyphotos.com

    We love road trips, but let’s be honest: They don’t always turn out the way we’d hoped. Can you relate to these 6 travel failure?

    Most of the time, the open road creates happy memory after happy memory for road trippers traversing it, but we’ve all been on a trip where things just didn’t go as planned. Here are 6 examples of how traveling can sometimes be a little rough…

    The complete and total car breakdown

    via Flickr
    via Flickr

    Flat tires are almost to be expected if you log enough miles on the road, and even running out of gas these days isn’t too big of a deal. We’re not talking about those kinds of breakdowns. We’re talking about your family’s van deciding to have a mind of its own somewhere around Valdosta, GA on a Sunday (Which means everything is closed, BTW). We’re talking about a clutch going out and leaving your Subaru miles from the nearest dealer, and the dealer not knowing if they could get it fixed in time for you to make it home for work. (These both happened to us) I’ll never forget my father trying to intentionally blow the engine on our cursed little minivan, just so we’d have to start over with a different car.

    The hotel-looks-nothing-like-the-pictures bait-n-switch


    We’d just driven non-stop from the midwest to Ft. Lauderdale and were exhausted. We’d seen pictures of our hotel, and it looked quite adequate. At the last minute, the company called and said they’d overbooked, but fear not, their sister hotel had space for us. “Probably just as nice,” we thought. Wrong. I slept in the closet that week, assuming it was the least-used and therefore cleanest part of the room. We’ve had countless other experiences where the pictures of the hotel were so different from reality you’d think they’d switched hotels on us. Who can relate?

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    The completely underwhelming final destination


    Places like the Grand Canyon tend to live up to their hype, but not all places do. Did your parents ever play up Grandma’s Florida retirement community as an oceanside oasis only to have you discover the place was nothing but shuffleboard courts and 4:30 dinner buffets? Not even a single putt-putt place for your young, adventuring soul…

    The never-ending-vacation-rainstorm

    via Couples.com
    via Couples.com

    Ever been somewhere great- somewhere you’ve wanted to go for a long time- and then had it start raining on day 1 and not stop till you leave? Yeah, that’s more depressing than just spending spring break at home. We’ve all had chunks of our vacations rained out, and it sucks, but hey, you’ll always have those memories of spending the day walking around some mall instead of relaxing on the beach.

    The travel “bug”

    via Mandatory.com
    via Mandatory.com

    If you’re the person in your group that gets sick on a road trip or vacation, that’s just a real bummer for you. No only is sitting in a car for hours while a cold miserable, that same cold makes enjoying your final destination really freaking difficult.

    The Day-1-Sunburn

    willferrell“The sun is different down there,” Mama said. “Mom, the sun’s the sun,” you said back like an arrogant little turd.

    Your phone call home to mama on day 2: “Mom. I’m so burned. I can’t move. I feel like I’m going to die when I take a shower.” The rest of your vacation is spent in a t-shirt, maybe even long-sleeves.

    Of course, hindsight is always 20/20. Having experienced all these, I wouldn’t change a thing. The memories are memories nonetheless- just as fond as the ones from trips where everything went smoothly. It’s the good and the bad that makes traveling memorable.

    What are some of your “horror” stories from traveling?


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