Love rare and beautiful cars? Visit the Vehicle Vault in Colorado

    Vault Auto Museum Colorado-7

    Take a walk with us through the Vehicle Vault, one of Colorado’s finest car collections…

    Most smaller automotive museums seem to take a bend toward the owner or curator’s personal interests… Whether it be muscle cars, exotics, or early pre-war cars, it seems most collections at least follow some sort of theme or genre. Except the Vehicle Vault just outside Denver, CO. Their theme? Sheer awesomeness.

    Vault Auto Museum Colorado-8

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    When we first walked into the Vault, it was obvious we’d stumbled into a classy joint. Rare and extremely valuable Mercedes tend to give that impression.

    Vault Auto Museum Colorado-2

    We were pleasantly surprised, however, to find not only a handful of expensive European exotics, but also a full collection of everything from muscle cars to street rods to even custom choppers.

    Vault Auto Museum Colorado-16

    Vault Auto Museum Colorado-12

    Vault Auto Museum Colorado-14

    Vault Auto Museum Colorado-9

    Vault Auto Museum Colorado-10
    Oh the Kaiser Darrin’s pocket doors always get us a little excited.

    From the Vehicle Vault:

    These automobiles aren’t simply old and rare, but offer historical significance, are often numbered and unique in their low mileage condition, feature original equipment or have been restored using only the best practices. Great care is taken to find only the most worthy cars for our permanent collection.

    What started as a small family car collection has now grown into the Gallery Permanent Collection, featuring cars from key segments and points in history; The Brass Era, Prohibition and Pre-War, Drive-In and Cruise, Classic Muscle, Customs, Hot Rods and Exotics.

    Vault Auto Museum Colorado-1

    Like most great car museums, the draw of the Vehicle Vault isn’t just the cars inside. The Vehicle Vault hosts all sorts of special events, cruise ins, and car shows throughout the year like their “Hot Rod Happy Hour” and Saturday morning “Cars and Coffee.” (Follow them on Facebook for updates)

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    Vault Auto Museum Colorado-6

    Vault Auto Museum Colorado-5

    Vault Auto Museum Colorado-15

    Vault Auto Museum Colorado-4

    If you’re really into the place, you can even reserve it for an unforgettable event, or if you’re  really, really into the place, they’re taking reservations for garage condos. (aka the ultimate man caves)


    For folks in the Denver area, the Vehicle Vault is well worth a quick jaunt over to Parker, and for road trippers like us, it was a pretty sweet stop on our way through Colorado.

    Vault Auto Museum Colorado-18

    Vehicle Vault

    18301 Lincoln Meadows Pkwy

    Parker, CO 80134

    (303) 626-8920

    Facebook and Instagram


    Wed-Sun:  10:00 am – 6:00 pm


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