Tin Man Brewing Co.’s crusade to bring their city a better beer

    With incredible branding and excellent beer, Tin Man Brewing Company is out to change the way their city drinks beer… We just had to stop by for a beer (or 4).

    via Tin Man Brewing Co.
    via Tin Man Brewing Co.

    Evansville, IN is about as midwestern of a city as you’ll find… Good, hardworking folks who like to throw back a few cold ones after a hard day’s work. The problem, however, is for far too long the fine drinkers of Evansville have been throwing back just your big-name brands and missing out on the flavor of a well-crafted IPA, stout, or even sour beer.

    via Tin Man Brewing
    via Tin Man Brewing

    The Davidsons decided to do something about this lack of craft beer and opened Tin Man Brewing Co. on a stretch of road considered to be the former heart and soul of Evansville. Just so happens, the Davidsons have about every skill you need for a successful brewery with at least someone in the family being an expert at brewing, business, design, and, well, beer drinking. We toured their W. Franklin St. brewery and restaurant with Andy Davidson, “Vice President and Beer Drinker” and came away desperately wishing they sold Tin Man in our hometown.

    tin man 2

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    The family’s eye for style is apparent from the decor of the tap room to the can designs to the robot himself. Everything flows and works together for a cool, hip brand tucked into one of the oldest parts of Evansville.

    tin man brewing 3

    Our time change meant it was a solid hour past our lunchtime, and we were ready to eat and drink. The menu is classic pub food with a few twists here and there to keep it interesting. We went for our standard pub order: a cheeseburger. Their burger menu, however, isn’t just any old burger menu. They have damn near every topping and combination a human could possibly devise like this burger with blue cheese and buffalo sauce…


    tin man brewing 4

    Our flights of beers were as delicious as the food. We always find it difficult to give a beer “review” because, honestly, we like practically all types of beer. Put simply, we’d re-order a full pint of any beer featured in our sampler.

    So in terms of our “review”… The food is great. The beer is great. Let’s move on.

    What else makes Tin Man Brewing Co. so awesome… How about the way they brew?

    via Tin Man Brewing
    via Tin Man Brewing

    Conservation is the name of the game at Tin Man Brewing, and thanks to their High Efficiency Brewing System, they get the absolute most out of their ingredients. The backbone of the “HEBS”? The mash filter which helps Tin Man produce their delicious beer using 40% less water and 15-20% less grain than other craft breweries.

    tin man brewing 5

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    Like many craft breweries these days, Tin Man uses aluminum cans instead of glass bottles for their finished product. Not only is an aluminum can more appropriate for a place called “Tin Man,” it gives you a better beer and is better for the environment.

    tin man brewing 7

    That same waste-not philosophy used in their production was also used in the creation of their incredible space. Instead of building from scratch, the Davidsons went to great lengths to preserve the historic building they occupy today. When the original floors had to be ripped out, they even used the old floorboards to make the tables in the tap room.

    It all comes together to make Tin Man Brewing Co. one of the must-visit places in Evansville and the cornerstone of an area on the brink of revitalization.

    Once a craft-beer desert, Evansville now boasts over half a dozen breweries and brewpubs with Tin Man Brewing Co. leading the way with their charge, “Ordinary beer does not compute.”

    tin man brewing 8

    Visit Tin Man Brewing Co.:

    1430 W. Franklin St.

    Evansville, IN 47710


    Click here to find their beer near you.

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