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    Ok, so the Packers are a pretty big deal around Green Bay, but that’s not the only thing that makes this Wisconsin city so wonderful…

    Want to know where to eat, drink, shop, & play in Green Bay? We have you covered with this guide to Green Bay:

    If you’re like we used to be, you imagine Green Bay as just some little town with a giant football stadium. After all, everyone talks so much about how they’re the smallest city to sport a pro football team. Yeah, it’s a small city, but we discovered it’s a heck of a lot more than just the home of the Packers.

    Lambeau Field Tour Packers-7

    When we flew in 7 hours prior to meeting up with everyone for 2016 MINI Takes the States, we assumed we’d head over to Lambeau Field (We did. It was awesome. Read about it here.) and that’d be about it for the day.

    via MINI
    via MINI

    Instead, we found more charming local shops, breweries, restaurants, and hot spots than we had time to visit. For a smaller city, there’s no shortage of great places. Here are a few of our favorites…

    Eat in Green Bay:

    While we did shamefully eat an entire pile of cheese curds at the 1919 Kitchen & Tap at Lambeau Field, it was just one of many great little spots to grab a bite in Green Bay.

    Lambeau Field Tour Packers-3

    For a perfect latte and a full menu featuring plenty of vegetarian/vegan items, Kavarna Coffeehouse is the place to go. While it first struck us as a charming little cafe, Kavarna turned out to be a huge, versatile space for everything from lunch meetings to concerts to cozy studying. Of all the coffeeshops we’ve visited (and we’ve visited a ton), this has to be near the top of our list.

    Green Bay Wisconsin-22

    (Click here for more pictures and info about this awesome coffeeshop)

    Up the street, we found another local gem: the Cannery Market & Deli. Whether you’re just stopping in for some fresh deli meats & cheeses, a perfect bottle of wine, or a sit-down lunch or dinner, you won’t be disappointed. The Cannery is all about high-quality & local ingredients, and it’s all served to you in a posh, hip environment. The Cannery Market & Deli is the kind of place even much larger cities wish they had.

    Green Bay Wisconsin-41

    Green Bay Wisconsin-42

    Of course, we can only eat so much in a 7 hour timespan, but we’d be irresponsible if we didn’t mention some other great places for grub like Joe’s Texas BBQ, Liberty Cafe, Vintage Cantina, and the quintessential Wally’s Spot Supper Club.

    Drink in Green Bay:

    Want to play cards with friends or watch the big game in a comfy leather chair, all while enjoying a bourbon and a cigar? Prohibition Spirits & Cigar Lounge is the place to go. Built with all sorts of sneaky nods to Wisconsin history (like the old ship that serves as the building’s roof), Prohibition was a completely fantastic surprise to us. While Green Bay may be a couple hours north of Chicago, it has a speakeasy feel that would make even Capone give a little smile.

    Green Bay Wisconsin-35

    And, if you know us, you know we always love a good local brewery. Green Bay’s Hinterland Brewery & Titletown Brewing are definite must-stop watering holes.

    With construction beginning on a new spot right by Lambeau Field and a couple restaurants in Green Bay and Milwaukee, Hinterland Brewery is quickly becoming a Wisconsin icon. Started by a couple in the 1990s, Hinterland keeps growing, but remains owned by that same couple who had a crazy dream to bring great beer to Green Bay.

    via Hinterland/Facebook
    via Hinterland/Facebook

    With the main restaurant and microbrewery located in the historic Chicago & Northwestern Train Depot, Titletown Brewing is a Green Bay landmark. (And a perfect photo op)

    MTTS Day 1-1

    We were fortunate to spend several hours at Titletown along with over 1,000 MINI owners as our evening stop on MINI Takes the States, and we were blown away. The beer is tasty and the views from the roof tap absolutely can’t be beat. Whether you’re in the historic train depot or their tap room, you won’t be disappointed.

    via MINI
    via MINI

    MTTS Day 1-8

    Oh, by the way, Hinterland and Titletown are both great places to eat as well.

    Shop in Green Bay:

    While there are plenty of little shops all over town, for us, the Broadway District near downtown was the place to be. From the massive outdoor outfitter Pete’s Garage to the funky clothing and hat boutiques like Hat-cetera, there’s something for everyone.

    Green Bay Wisconsin-13

    Green Bay Wisconsin-15

    Although you may not “shop” there, we also have to mention Larry Frye and his String Instrument Workshop. If you’re walking down Broadway, stop in and watch him repair everything from banjos to cellos while he tells you the history of the Broadway District.

    Green Bay Wisconsin-28

    For a full list of shops in the Broadway District, visit OnBroadway

    Play in Green Bay:

    Let’s be real, you have to go to Lambeau Field. Not going there while in Green Bay would be like going to New York City and never visiting Times Square. So, as we mentioned earlier, we did.

    Aside from Lambeau and the Packers, there are plenty of places to have a good time. A full list can be found over at Green Bay’s tourism website, but we have to recommend the National Railroad Museum, home of the Union Pacific Big Boy (the world’s largest steam locomotive).

    via Facebook
    via Facebook

    For families, the Children’s Museum of Green Bay and the Bay Beach Amusement Park are obvious places to spend the day.

    Green Bay Wisconsin-5

    via Facebook
    via Facebook

    Make a getaway to Green Bay

    We expected a town that’s crazy for the Packers, and we found that. Truth be told, however, we found so much more. Funky shops, world-class restaurants and breweries, and friendly folks make Green Bay a great weekend getaway.

    We can’t wait to come back and spend more than just a day in Green Bay.


    Our adventures in Green Bay were part of a crazy, awesome road trip called MINI Takes the States. For 2 weeks, MINI owners rallied across the country hitting up cities like Green Bay, race tracks, and everything in between. We had the pleasure of driving both a MINI S convertible and a MINI John Cooper Works, both with 6-speed manual transmissions. It’s pretty much the most fun you’ll ever have.

    The best part? The whole trip raised over 1,000,000 meals in partnership with Feeding America. Learn more here.

    via MINI

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