Take a journey back in time at 7 of our favorite general stores of the midwest…

    One of the best parts of a good road trip is finding local mom and pop places you’d never find in the strip malls of the suburbs. Of all the mom and pop type places out there, perhaps few are as much fun as a good old fashioned general store. The midwest still has plenty that are alive and well. Here are 7 of our absolute favorites…

    Good Hart General Store (Good Hart, MI)

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    We first came across the Good Hart General Store while cruising the “Tunnel of Trees” a few years ago. Ever since, we’ve happily followed them on social media and pined to return. While the shopping and eating here is great (oh my goodness, get a pot pie and thank us later…), it’s their general love of the community that endeared us to the Good Hart General Store forever. If you want to know what’s going on in this scenic section of Michigan, stop in the Good Hart General Store.

    End of the Commons General Store (Mesopotamia OH)

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    The oldest general store in Ohio, End of the Commons General Store opened its doors in the small, predominately Amish community of Mesopotamia, OH way back in 1840. These days, the store is one part time capsule and one part active store, cafe, and bulk goods retailer. Whether searching out an obscure type of flour for baking or just enjoying some ice cream with the family, the End of the Commons General Store will put a smile on your face.

    Rabbit Hash General Store (Rabbit Hash, KY)

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    “You can’t keep a good place down,” should be Rabbit Hash’s motto. From floods to fires (including a devastating fire just a few years ago), the folks of Rabbit Hash keep rebuilding their beloved general store, and it continues to attract visitors from all over the world. While stopping by the general store, be sure to say hello to the newest mayor, Brynneth Pawltro “Brynn”, a pit bull and grab some of their handcrafted Rabbit Hash beer. We’ve been all over the country, but few places have captured our hearts quite the way Rabbit Hash has.

    (More on the election of Mayor Pawltro and their former mayor Lucy)

    Cataract General Store (Cataract, IN)

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    Dating back to the 1860s, the Cataract General Store is the oldest of its kind in Indiana and consistently gets attention for its down-home and welcoming feel. Stop by the Cataract General Store for some old fashioned soda on your way to the “Niagara Falls” of Indiana, Cataract Falls.

    Stephenson’s General Store (Leavenworth, IN)

    Nestled along the beautiful Ohio River Scenic Byway, Stephenson’s General Store serves up a little bit of everything from pizza to antiques. Founded in the early 1900s, the community staple has seen a little bit of everything over the years, including the massive 1937 flood. Be sure to take a peek at their collection of photos from the flood that changed southern Indiana forever.

    Nashville General Store (Nashville, IN)

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    A tourist town as charming as Nashville, IN just has to have a great general store, and it does. The Nashville General Store perfectly fits the town’s quaint vibe and offers amazing baked goods, good ol’ fashioned Indiana maple syrup, and all sorts of gifts, nicknacks, and other general store goodies. Our favorite menu item? The deep fried biscuits with homemade apple butter. Is it a health food? No, but if you’re visiting, you’re probably on vacation. Everyone knows those calories don’t count.

    Old Riverton Store (Riverton, KS)

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    A Route 66 “must see,” the Old Riverton Store has been operating almost unchanged for the better part of a century. These days, Mother Road travelers from all over the world make stops here for everything from their flowers to their delicious deli. We’ve had the pleasure of eating a deli sandwich from the Old Riverton Store, and we hope you get a chance to as well.

    As with any little list, we know there are plenty more great general stores dotting the small towns of the midwest. Where are some of your favorite old general stores?


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