This Holiday House Geographic trailer may be the most beautiful trailer we’ve ever laid eyes on. Too bad we can’t afford to lay our hands on it…

The futuristic lines… The modern amenities… There’s nothing on this 1962 Holiday House Geographic trailer that isn’t perfect. Of course, perfection comes with a hefty price tag.

This unreal travel trailer will make a (wealthy) family very happy after they shell out a whopping $225,000 to snag it off eBay.

So what do you get for almost a quarter-of-a-million dollars?

Originally dubbed as the “Trailer for the Rich,” in the late 50s/early 60s, this masterfully restored 1962 Holiday House Geographic trailer is one of only two known to exist in the world.

Designed by Chuck Kelly of Scarab racing and Designworks, USA fame and built by Holiday House in Medford, OR, this trailer was one of the most beautiful in the world when debuted, and we believe it’s now again one of the most beautiful trailers in the world.

On the outside, the trailer shines with a champagne and moss green two-tone accented by a little bronze pin-stripping. Underneath, every part that gets the trailer rolling down the road has been upgraded and perfected for trustworthy towing.

Let’s be real, though… You want to know about the inside.

The restoration of this trailer manages to keep the coolness of its retro design while still making it modern, comfortable, and stylish. Black walnut wall skins and hard wood flooring contrast beautifully with aluminum detailing and stainless throughout.

Vintage light sconces are sneakily updated with LED lights and amenities to provide hours of off-the-grid water and power have been carefully integrated into the vintage trailer.

For hardcore Chuck Pelly fans, this trailer he envisioned even comes equipped with his personal signature on the outside and inside.

In the short time since its renovation, the trailer has already picked up awards, accolades, and magazine covers.

All it needs is a loving family to make it their rolling home once again.

For more on the trailer’s restoration, check out Flyte Camp on YouTube.

If you want to make this trailer yours, grab a quarter million dollars and hop over to eBay. (Or if you just want to gawk at more pictures.)

Photos from eBay and curtesy of Hal Thomas Photography, Tim Cash of Far From Earth Films, and Anna Scribner of Flyte Camp, LLC.