We battle stagefright and our insecurities to test the most unique and bizarre public bathroom in the United States…

Going to the bathroom while on the road is almost always an adventure. If you’re like us, you have some pretty developed theories about this… which chains have the cleanest bathrooms, which states have the least-creepy rest areas. Despite all our research regarding on-the-road urinating, nothing could prepare us for the surprise pair of toilets we found in Sulphur Springs, Texas while traveling across the country on MINI Takes the States.

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It’s (as far as we know) the only public bathroom in America with all 4 walls being made of see-thru glass. (If that isn’t accurate, please let us know. We want to pee in all of them.)


Taking a prominent spot on the Sulphur Springs town square, you’ve never felt more exposed in your life till you go to make a #1 and can see all around you as other tourists awkwardly look at the box in which you’re peeing.

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Thankfully, the town did an excellent job with the one-way glass… You’re completely safe from the gazes of the others in the town square. Just to add that extra level of comfort, the town also has a host of security cameras on the square to ensure no one tries to get weird with the roadside attraction.

Getting to the glass toilets is easy enough… The town of Sulphur Springs, TX is just over an hour northeast of Dallas on I-30.


Glass Restrooms

100 Gilmer St

Sulphur Springs, TX 75482


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