Welcome to Seaside, Florida: a destination wedding paradise

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    Remember the utopian town “Seahaven” from The Truman Show? Yeah, it’s a real place called Seaside, and, yeah, it’s one totally epic wedding destination…

    Ok, so if you remember the movie, The Truman Show, you remember Truman lived in a perfect little town named “Seahaven.” Well, there is such a utopian town, and it wasn’t designed by movie producers but by world-renowned architects. That town? Seaside, Florida.

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    Just so happens, yours truly found himself right next door to ol’ Truman’s house as part of a wedding for old college friends, Adam & Elle Young.

    The Truman House
    The Truman House
    Modica Market, a staple of the movie
    Modica Market, a staple of the movie

    Being a sucker for filming locations (See our post on Chicago Fire), I spent one morning just tracking down all the iconic Seaside landmarks visible in the movie…

    With that out of the way, it was on the the more important events of the week… Adam and Elle’s wedding festivities.

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    Ok, so you’re not going to read very many stories giving tips on “destination weddings” on this site… Being a single, balding, & broke writer, weddings just don’t seem like something I need to focus on too much. What the heck do I know about ‘em? (Or need to know about them?)

    That being said, I’m pretty sure Seaside nails this whole “paradise wedding thing.” Here’s why…

    For starters, your whole wedding party and all your guests get to rent out truly remarkable “cottages” in town, all a block or two from the beach. Ours, for instance, was literally right next to the Truman House, featured breathtaking views, and had a table large enough to seat that family from 19 Kids and Counting.


    Then, your whole wedding crew has ample time enjoy the emerald water of the gulf coast while taking breaks for food and shopping from charming storefronts, Airstream food trailers, and ocean-view restaurants, all at the edge of the beach.

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    seaside truman show-2

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    Perhaps just how perfect Seaside is for weddings hit me for the first time at the rehearsal dinner in the Seaside Pavillon…

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    As Bud & Alley’s served course after course of delicious surf & turf, family members and friends toasted Adam & Elle with words and even song. All while the sun slowly set over the ocean.






    It was perfect.

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    Of course, the wedding and reception wasn’t too shabby, either.

    The beautiful all-white interfaith chapel feels like something from a movie- a fitting location to tell a story of romance as old as time:

    Boy meets girl. Both grow up. Man reunites with woman and the love story comes to its fitting climax: a stunning bride and a dashing groom in a simple chapel.


    Lauren Kinsey Photography
    Lauren Kinsey Photography
    Lauren Kinsey Photography
    Lauren Kinsey Photography

    And what’s a wedding without a reception? Well, again, Seaside shines. The party of the year was held just across from the chapel on the Lyceum lawn, a lush green lawn framed by the Seaside School.


    Lauren Kinsey Photography
    Lauren Kinsey Photography

    When the dancing was done, it was back to one of the cottages for more stories of our college days and plenty of laughs with friends, old and new. The perfect ending to a day shared with loved ones.

    We spent the next day reliving the night before with brunch and one last party on the beach before parting ways back to our own cities and towns… Sand in our shoes and smiles on our faces.



    I’m not an expert on weddings, and I’m certainly no expert on style. That being said, even a layman like me can tell when a wedding is something special…

    No doubt, Seaside is a wedding paradise.

    Lauren Kinsey Photography
    Lauren Kinsey Photography

    For more information on weddings, special events, and vacations in Seaside, head to their website.

    For all you wedding junkies, here are links for the photographer, Lauren Kinsey Photography, and the florist, Florals by the Sea, in case you want to creep all over their Facebook.


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