A beer for everyone: Rolling Mill Brewing in Middletown OH

    Middletown, OH’s Rolling Mill Brewing, one of the only gluten-free breweries in the country, is a must-visit for any beer lover…

    Beer, beer, everywhere and not a drop to drink! That was the dilemma for Josh and Megan Laubach as the craft beer craze blossomed a few years back. You see, Josh had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease which meant these tasty craft brews all around were off-limits. Their solution? Start their own gluten-free brewery in the little city of Middletown, Ohio. Meet Rolling Mill Brewing: a brewery with a beer for everyone.

    Rolling Mill Brewery Middletown OH-1 gluten free

    When we first learned about Rolling Mill Brewing, we imagined a space full of health-nuts enjoying sips of gluten-free beer in-between yoga poses while scoffing at any mention of carbs, meat, and sugar. We worried we’d feel a little out-of-place.

    We couldn’t have been more wrong.

    Rolling Mill Brewery Middletown OH-1 gluten free

    What we actually found was an unpretentious, welcoming brewery thoughtfully placed in a beautiful historic Middletown building.

    What we didn’t find was an agenda… No giant “gluten is evil,” banners. No leaflets on the bar outlining the benefits of going gluten-free. Nothing. In fact, it seems like the fact their beer is gluten-free is the last thing they want you to realize about the place. Their goal was to brew good beer that just happened to be gluten-free, not to brew gluten-free beer that hopefully tasted good.

    So, how was the beer? Well, as always, we won’t over-analyze the beer other than to say it’s amazing, gluten-free or not. Perfect example: the guys at the bar next to us didn’t even realize it was gluten-free until the bartender mentioned it.

    The beer stands on its own as delicious, regardless of its ingredients.

    Rolling Mill Brewery Middletown OH-1 gluten free

    The taproom somehow takes a large, industrial space and makes it feel warm, inviting, and hip. By tucking the bar into the back corner, the place feels large and small all at the same time. For large groups, there’s plenty of space to stretch out or play board games. For just a couple wanting a drink at the bar, they have you covered there too.

    Rolling Mill Brewery Middletown OH-1 gluten free

    Even more endearing is their kids’ space. While lots of breweries have board games and welcome families, the Laubachs, parents themselves, really went the extra mile to create a play area just for kids.

    Rolling Mill Brewery Middletown OH-1 gluten free

    Nationwide, there are just a handful of gluten-free craft breweries and most pop up in trendy places like Portland or Denver, but Middletown folks have a treasure right in their own backyard with Rolling Mill.

    If you like great beer you’ll love Rolling Mill. If you like great taprooms, you’ll love Rolling Mill. And, of course, if you’re gluten-free, you’ll love Rolling Mill.

    From its selection of beers that almost ANYONE can enjoy to its beautiful, diverse space, Rolling Mill is truly a brewery built for everyone. Whether you live nearby or are just passing through, Rolling Mill is a must-visit in Middletown, Ohio.

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