Drink, eat, and play the day away at Rivertown Brewery

    Rivertown Brewery Monroe OH

    Vintage arcade games, award-winning beer, mouth-watering food… Yeah, it’s easy to spend an entire day at Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House in Monroe, OH…

    We’ve always had a soft spot for the Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House. They were our very first exposure to craft beer way back when they were just a handful of beer lovers cranking out beers from a little warehouse space in Cincinnati. These days, however, Rivertown Brewery is hardly a little hidden gem. It’s a destination for people throughout the tristate.

    Rivertown Brewery Monroe OH

    After Rivertown moved to their space just off I-75 in Monroe, they wasted no time in making it a world-class operation. Instead of a small corner bar for a tap room as they had when we first visited years ago, Rivertown’s digs now feature a massive bar serving not only their award-winning beers, but also a whole bunch of signature cocktails and even homemade sodas for the young’ns.

    Oh, and the staff has a good time too…

    With all this space, Rivertown was also able to put in a full kitchen, and now their food is just as sought after as their beer. Whether you love craft beer or just like great food, Rivertown is the place for you.

    Rivertown also somehow managed to take a massively large warehouse space and turn it into a comfortable, character-filled space capable of handling large groups but still perfect for just a handful. From the wood paneling to the vintage arcade games, the space feels warm, inviting, and, most of all, fun.

    If you hop on their brewery tour, which we highly suggest you do, you’ll get a peek into a truly impressive operation. From the barrel room slowly aging the good stuff to the bottling line, it’s all down to a science at Rivertown.

    Rivertown Brewery Monroe OH

    While they may have the brewing down to a science, the folks at Rivertown have also kept to their roots… They still experiment. They still try new recipes. They never rest on their laurels.

    Rivertown Brewery Monroe OH

    After Rivertown moved out to Monroe, it took us years to finally make it out to see them, and we deeply regret it. Now we’ve seen the light, and we can guarantee it won’t take us years to make it back up to Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House.

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