These retro national park posters belong on every diehard road tripper’s wall

    Modeled after the iconic WPA posters of the 30s & 40s, these national park posters are the absolute coolest thing a traveller can hang on their wall…

    America’s national parks have been honey holes for professional and amateur photographers for practically all 100 years of their existence. Their rugged, unspoiled landscapes and unique wildlife just beg for us to come snap some shots for our portfolios. One photographer, however, is taking his national park photos and doing something way more unique and way cooler. Rob Decker is turning his shots into totally rad retro national park posters.

    Taking his styling cues from the famous Work Progress Administration (WPA) posters from the New Deal era, Decker turns his photos into beautiful “advertisements” for specific national parks.

    Decker’s Yellowstone poster compared to original WPA poster (original via Library of Congress)

    Decker’s “National Parks Poster Project” will eventually include at least one poster from all 59 national parks, and he’s already developed multiple posters for some of his favorite parks.

    For Decker, his love for photography and national parks go hand-in-hand. He first visited Yosemite at the tender age of 6 and took his first photo of a national park just a couple years later. His love of photography and national parks just intensified from there, and he soon found himself taking two different 10,000-mile road trips just to capture shots of national parks.

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    Soon after his second cross-country trip, a 19-year old Decker landed the apprenticeship of a lifetime… In 1979 he went to Yosemite and studied under the world’s most famous national park photographer, Ansel Adams- an experience that cemented his commitment to photography.

    Decker hopes his National Parks Poster Project helps inspire others to fall in love with our national parks just as he has over the years.

    The National Parks Poster Project is up to roughly 40 different national parks with Decker on location in Joshua Tree National Park as we speak to develop yet another poster. Browse his website to see if your favorite national park is now a poster ready to hang on the wall.

    The 13×19 in posters are printed in Colorado on 100% recycled paper and start as low as $30 for a limited-edition print.

    Oh, and your purchase actually helps the national parks! Decker happily gives a portion of the proceeds from all online sales to organizations that support the National Parks.

    Browse his collection and pick one for your wall here.

    All images from the National Park Poster Project

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