via Florida OldSchool Campers
    via Florida Oldscool Campers

    A scenic road trip along the ocean is nice. A scenic road trip along the ocean in a vintage VW bus is way better. These two companies will help you do it.

    Admit it… You’ve at least Googled “VW Bus” a few times. You’ve seen some rad VW bus with a rear window covered in stickers from national parks and funky destinations, and thought, “Man, I’d love to hit the road in an old VW van.”

    via FL OldSchool Campers
    via FL Oldscool Campers

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    Then you looked at some of the prices for an old Westy. They ain’t cheap. You put your little dream on hold and spent your next coastal vacation at some boring chain hotel.

    Well, thanks to several companies offering VW vans for rent in all the nation’s vacation hotspots, a Volkswagen van adventure is now more affordable than you ever dreamed. If your dream trip happens to involve lots of ocean sunsets and beach bonfires, these two companies are the perfect fit for you:

    Florida Oldscool Campers (St. Pete/Tampa, FL)

    Florida Oldscool Campers has been one of our favorites for a long time now. For the past couple years we’ve been secretly stalking their Facebook page, and we’re not afraid to admit it. Not only are their campers absolutely gorgeous, brightly colored vintage VWs, but they’re also ready for the perfect scenic camping trip with full hookups with water and 110 outlets. If you want to stray away from the campgrounds, each rental also has on-board tanks, a sink, ice box, and propane tank.

    via FL OldSchool
    via FL OldScool

    All their trips start and end in the St. Pete area, but they’re happy to assist you in planning the perfect Florida road trip from their home base. Just imagine pulling off at all these scenic viewpoints and then actually staying their for the night.



    Vintage Surfari Wagons (Costa Mesa, CA)

    Being simple midwest folk, we can tell pretty easily when a brand is way cooler than us. The people at Vintage Surfari Wagons are way cooler than us. There- we said it. Their internet presence alone has a Pacific Coast attitude that makes us jealous.

    via VSW
    via VSW

    Like Florida Oldscool Campers, each of their vans comes ready to hit the road. The best part? That road could very well be the Pacific Coast Highway, one of our all-time favorite roads. Just select the “San Francisco” drop-off option for a 1-way trip of a lifetime. Not to say there aren’t plenty of awesome trips you could take in and around their LA location, too. Bottom line: this is the way to road trip in California. (Unless someone is letting you use their vintage Corvette or something else outside the realm of possibility.)

    Proof they really are way cooler than us. (via VSW)
    Proof they really are way cooler than us. (via VSW)


    So if you’re planning a trip to California or Florida and want to create memories you and your family will never forget, think outside the box and grab an old Volkswagen van for your adventure.


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