Rejoice! A real-life “The Max” from Saved By the Bell is opening in Chicago

    If you’re a 90s kid, you probably loved Saved By the Bell and dreamed of dining at The Max. Well, there’s a real-life “Max” opening this summer, but better get there before it’s gone…

    It’s where Lisa and Screech “Sprained” their way to a dancing championship. It’s where Preppy made a bad deal for their class rings. It’s pretty much where we fantasized we’d all end up after school when we became high schoolers. Well, if you’re in Chicago this summer you finally CAN go to the Max after school work.

    (Props btw for bringing back “Max” for the announcement.)

    But you won’t be able to for long. The Max won’t be permanent, but instead a pop-up diner running just in the month of June at Wicker Park’s SFCO (the former “Geek Bar” at 1941 W. North Ave.)

    To grab a seat at the “real” Max might be tough. The interest is obviously through the roof so they’re actually taking reservations online starting Friday April, 22 at 11 am.

    The menu will, of course, feature all sorts of pun-heavy dishes like AC Sliders and Lisa Turtle Milkshakes. This Max, unlike the real one, will also be serving booze. Just Uber it so you don’t end up wrecking the car like Zack did.

    Keep up with the project on FB
    Keep up with the project on FB

    Are you excited?

    You knew we had to do that.

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