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Experience a different kind of California at The Groves on 41

Relax and recharge at The Groves on 41, a sublime central California olive grove just minutes from Paso Robles, CA...

Prior to visiting The Groves on 41, my knowledge of olive oil was I knew it came from olives. That’s about it. Then I found this magical place located deep in the rolling hills of central California, and everything I knew about olive oil changed. Welcome to The Groves on 41, an unforgettable place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a Slo-Cal retreat.

The Groves on 41 may be a working olive farm, but it's also so much more. From the beautiful property to the hospitable owners to the delicious olive oils, it's a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Family

Farms, vineyards, and olive groves dot the central California landscape for as far as the eye can see, so what makes the Groves on 41 different from other olive groves? First and foremost, the people.

When Karen Tallent decided to plant olive trees back in 2011, we’re willing to bet more than one friend or family member had their doubts. Farming, after all, is hard work and full of challenges for even the most seasoned pro.

That didn’t stop Karen from digging her hands into the soil and turning it into some of finest olive oil around.

Seeing her mother’s leap of faith, daughter Jennifer took one too by ditching her career in the hospitality industry. Like a west-coast version of a Green Acres episode, Jennifer slipped the insanity of Los Angeles for the tranquility of the countryside.

While peaceful at the Groves on 41, it’s still hard work turning these olives into olive oil. The mother-daughter duo immersed themselves in the industry and tackled obstacles head on. Soon, their lives in the country were taking shape. (Jennifer even got married right here at the Grove.)

These days, the two aren’t just olive oil producers. They’re advocates and educators sharing their love of olive oil and their community with anyone stopping by for a visit.

The Property

On most of our trips to the Groves on 41, we’re coming from Los Angeles after a couple work days of significant stress. The headaches of the city always seem to disappear when we make that turn off the highway and begin our little jaunt through the rolling hills up to the Groves on 41.

Once on the property, your heart rate just seems to lower as you walk through the groves of olive trees. We’re fortunate to visit as part of a recurring private event (and we HIGHLY encourage you to book your private events here as well), so we’re always excited to sip some local wine, enjoy some local BBQ from Stein's BBQ, and hear all about the olive oil world from Karen in their spacious barn.

While private events like wedding receptions and business outings at the Groves on 41 are wonderful, we think the best way to experience this place is to actually STAY there.

For a remarkably reasonable rate, your entire family (or just you and a special someone) can enjoy the serenity of the Groves on 41 with a night at the farmhouse.

We tried to think of an enticing way to tell you about it, but Karen and Jennifer did such a good job with their description we thought we’d just steal it:

We call it “Porch Time,” that wonderful wind down part of the day, when you can relax in the old fashioned rocking chairs, sip your favorite glass of wine and listen to the quiet sounds of the country. Our barn owls come out to entertain and hunt for most months of the year. These beautiful creatures will come back each year to raise their families and night feed on gophers and other such vermin in the olive groves. The home features a sun room, private outdoor spaces and the great room sports an antique pool table from the late 1800s. Farm kitchen is at the ready for your culinary skills or call in a local chef for a true dining experience. The bedroom suites are all appointed with luxury bedding and extra pillows and comforters for those delightfully cool evenings. Begin your day with a cup of fresh brewed coffee and wander among the professionally landscaped grounds or up into the olive trees to check on the bloom or the crop depending on the time of year.

It’s all the wonderful parts of living on a farm without the hard work!

(Click here for more pictures and to book your stay)

The Olive Oil

Did you know olive oil has a scandalous past? Yeah, neither did we until we started getting our olive oil education from Karen! Turns out, not all olive oil is created equal, and it’s definitely not all labelled equitably. Thanks to the Groves on 41, we now know what to look for when purchasing olive oil at the grocery store.

Truth be told, though, we’ll never buy olive oil from anyone other than the Groves on 41. From mild to wild, each flavor is exceptional. We’ve tried darn near all of them on bread or even better, ice cream. (Yep, olive oil is amazing on ice cream. I dare you to try it.) They’re all delicious.

Through Karen’s wonderful presentations on the process, we also know the olive oil coming from the Groves on 41 is top-notch in all areas of quality. (Several have the awards to prove it, too.)

We’re still not quite experts on olive oil, but we’ll just keep visiting the Groves on 41 until we are.

Of course, you don’t have to visit central California to get a taste of it right in your own home. Buy their olive oil here.

If you’re looking for a wonderful venue for an event or a relaxing spot for a weekend retreat, the Groves on 41 should be high on your list. Pair your stay with a tour of the numerous vineyards and wineries in the area and you really have an exceptional trip on your hands.

Groves on 41

4455 E Highway 41

Templeton, California

(805) 466-1542


Stein's BBQ and Catering

So, we also want to take a minute to recognize our friends at Stein's BBQ and Catering who serve what has to be the most delicious tri-tip we've ever tasted. Their mouthwatering chicken isn't a slouch either. Their "Santa Maria" style BBQ rivals anything we've tried from anywhere in the country.

Look for their "Pit Master's Choice" seasonings in your local WalMart or buy directly online.

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