Well, not really, of course. Just a pillow with his face on it. Read more about Seattle’s ultra-cool Palladian Hotel…

    While we focus a good amount of our attention on the small towns and backroads of America, we still love an awesome city. Seattle is an awesome city, and when staying in an awesome city, you should stay in an awesome hotel. For Seattle, we can’t say enough good things about our time at the Palladian.

    For starters, let’s talk location. We did what everyone does before a trip: mapped our accommodations to see how far we were from the good stuff. From the mapping, it looked like we were pretty close. Then we got there. Uh, yeah, we weren’t just close to the famed Pike Place Market, we were practically on top of it. Points for the Palladian.



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    Next, let’s talk about the style of the place. Part classic, part funky, all parts awesome. From the moment we walked in, we knew we were somewhere cool. Considering we’re not that cool, we were really hoping the Palladian’s style rubbed off on us a bit.

    via Facebook/Palladian
    via Facebook/Palladian

    The hallmark of the Palladian’s style is an assortment of quite royal looking paintings and prints. It’ll take you a minute or two, but you’ll eventually notice something is different about these old generals and statesmen… The faces. The faces are actually famous folks like Jimi Hendrix and even Bill Gates. Oh, and Kelsey Grammer:


    The final surprise? Each room’s bed comes with a pillow of one such celeb. Ours happened to be none other than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

    palladian seattle-7

    palladian seattle-6

    palladian seattle-5

    palladian seattle-4

    palladian seattle-1

    The rooms are clean and hip, obvious extensions of the lobby and other spaces of the hotel.


    After checking in and saying hi to MJ, we shot down to the bar, Pennyroyal.

    The dark wood and perfect lighting make Pennyroyal feel regal yet still hip, something the Palladian says makes the bar feel like a “social salon.” All we know is the mood was cool and the drinks were cold.



    The next night, we returned to the Palladian and skipped Pennyroyal in favor of the on-site restaurant, Shaker + Spear. Now, you know us… We’re greasy spoon type people, but we know good food when we taste it. We tasted it.

    palladian seattle-13

    palladian seattle-15

    With only 65 seats, the place is intimate yet in no way pretentious given the reputation for great food it carried. We sat at the bar where the staff chatted us up about our day’s adventures and the daily specials.

    palladian seattle-10

    palladian seattle-11

    palladian seattle-16

    We’re here to say Chef Walter Pisano’s vision of pairing great seafood with fresh ingredients from the area made for an absolutely delicious dinner.

    So the Palladian has a great bar, an excellent restaurant, and super-cool decor… What else is there to say? Oh yeah, the staff is incredible.


    For starters, the valets were beyond accommodating with the sheer ridiculousness of our middle-of-the-night needs and each front desk employee made it a point to not only say hi but actually engage us in conversation as we waited for the elevator. By the end of our stay, we even looked forward to seeing different staff members at different times of day.

    All things considered, the Palladian is a pretty perfect spot to post up for your next Seattle adventure. Even Chuck agrees.


    The Palladian

    2000 Second Avenue Seattle, WA 98121

    Reservations: (855) 808-0900

    Phone: (206) 448-1111




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    • Sean Udy

      That place sounds really cool! I want the room with Chuck Norris on the pillow!

      • Austin Coop

        haha! Yeah, we’d be afraid the pillow would give us a roundhouse kick in the middle of the night!

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