Looking for some of the best olive oil and vinegars in Ohio? Look no further than Olivina Taproom in Delaware, Ohio…

When we were planning our weekend getaway to Ohio’s Delaware county, we can’t say spending an hour or so in an olive oil and balsamic vinegar store was high on our list of priorities, but we can say one thing… After visiting Olivina Taproom in downtown Delaware, we’ll stop back by each and every time we ever come to town.


Because our salads and chicken have never tasted better thanks to the fine folks at Olivina and their mind-blowing olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

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While we’re not huge experts on olive oil, we do have some very, very limited knowledge from our visits to The Groves on 41 in California where they taught us how tricky the whole olive oil can be.

Quite frankly, we’re glad we found a place like Olivina Taproom to ensure we weren’t buying some snake oil from the grocery store.

So just what is Olivina Taproom and why is it so great?

Well, to answer that, we have to go to their source… estate groves in Southern Spain where their olives are pressed. The family sells directly to Olivina ensuring the highest level of quality at the most affordable costs.

By the time the oils and vinegars hit the Olivina Taproom floor, they’re truly something amazing. We wandered canister to canister sampling flavors ranging from mild to bold to fruity to smokey.

We wanted them all.

In the end, we settled on five sampler bottles. (The sampler sizes are perfect for loading up on multiple flavors!)

Ever since then, our salads have been brighter and our meats have been smokier (and with a bit of a maple sweetness). Life has really improved over here.

If you think Olivina Taproom is just about selling bottles of olive oil, however, think again.

The place is so much more. It’s a place where people can explore cooking and tasting without fear or judgement. It’s a place where you can take a class and learn about anything from olive oil to pasta making.

It’s a place where an olive oil newbie like us can walk in the door and feel completely comfortable asking questions and trying new things.

Most importantly, Olivina Taproom is another piece of the community building puzzle in Delaware, Ohio. It’s another place, like The Greater Gouda, that works to provide other local small businesses with the very best ingredients.

Olivina Taproom, like many of the places we visited in Delaware, competes with the very best places we’ve visited in the big cities, and it’s well worth a stop on your next trip to central Ohio.

Olivina Taproom

44 South Sandusky Street

Delaware, OH