This walking tour tastes New Orleans’ French Quarter one praline at a time

    best pralines in new orleans

    There’s nowhere in the country with better pralines than New Orleans, and this stroll takes you to the 6 best spots for pralines in the French Quarter…

    Like many things in New Orleans, the praline has French roots but with a twist as French settlers swapped almonds for the more common pecan, added some cream, and used the plentiful cane sugar of Louisiana to craft a uniquely southern treat.

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    The praline has since become a New Orleans delicacy and no trip to New Orleans would be complete without grabbing some fresh ones. But where should you buy them? These days, every little shop seems to sell some. For the best and freshest pralines in the French Quarter, walk shop-to-shop with this guide to the 6 very best praline spots in the Quarter.

    For handy walking directions, click this Google Maps link.

    Side note: Please, please don’t call them “pray-leans,” unless you want to be heckled. We learned this the hard way. They’re “prah-leens,” ok?

    Leah’s Pralines

    (714 St. Louis St.)

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    Hand-making delicious pralines in the same French Quarter location for nearly 75 years, Leah’s Pralines is a fitting first stop on your walking “praline tour” of New Orleans. Whether you choose a traditional, creamy, or chocolate batch of pralines, they’ll be fresh as can be as Leah’s makes them daily and seals them right in the store.

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    New Orleans School of Cooking

    (524 St. Louis Street)

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    What’s better than eating pralines? Learning how they’re made and then eating pralines. Our very first exposure to this delicious sweet was during a cooking class we took at the NOSOC, and the entire experience was worth every last penny. (and remarkably affordable) These days, we’ve done the cooking classes multiple times, and we’re yet to be bored. It’s a remarkable place. Don’t have time for an out-of-this-world cooking class? You can still buy their pralines in their shop, made fresh each day.

    Southern Candymakers

    (334 Decatur St.)

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    Their pralines are amazing, and they’ve got the hardware to back it up… They’ve received nods as the Best Candy at the Atlanta Gourmet Show and “Best of the USA” by Bon Appétit magazine. Southern Candymakers crafts their pralines the old-fashioned way with fresh ingredients and jumbo pecan halves, all scooped and cooled on a marble slab. Their multiple variations on the classic praline include chocolate, sweet potato, rum, peanut butter, coconut and their original creamy. Get an assortment to try several!

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    Laura’s Candies

    (331 Chartres St.)

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    Dating way back to 1913, Laura’s Candies is the oldest candy shop in New Orleans, and it’s just as popular as ever. Of course, their pralines are delicious, but we’d be doing Laura’s an injustice to not also plug their Mississippi Mud… This “bark” style treat is basically layers and layers of chocolate, pecans, and caramel, and it’s their best selling item for a reason. Whether you just grab some pralines or walk out the door with some Mississippi Mud, you can rest assured it’s all been made fresh. Laura’s is also a great spot to grab all sorts of other New Orleans gifts and treats.

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    Aunt Sally’s

    (810 Decatur Street)

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    For many, Aunt Sally’s is THE place to grab pralines in New Orleans. Working from a decades-old family recipe, Aunt Sally’s pralines are still made the old-fashioned way with Louisiana pecans and Louisiana cane sugar. Their popularity has sky-rocketed over the years, but their commitment to quality is still top-notch. While you can now buy Aunt Sally’s all over the country, there’s no better place to grab a fresh one than at their flagship location in the French Quarter.

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    Loretta’s Pralines

    (1100 N. Peters St. Stall #9/Cafe: 2101 North Rampart)

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    Oh Miss Loretta… Your pralines are amazing, but so is your king cake and everything else you touch. Loretta has been making her delicious creations for nearly 40 years and was proudly the very first African American woman to operate a successful praline company in the competitive New Orleans market. If you’re planning on staying near Decatur in the French Quarter, stop at her French Market location (Stall #9), but we’d also beg you to walk a little further to her cafe so you can enjoy breakfast or lunch. (Two words: praline beignet)

    Of course, pralines are just one of the many creole culinary delights that makes New Orleans a dream come true for any foodie. Be sure to also get your fill of all the other delicious seafood and sweet offerings throughout the city.

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