Everything awesome you never knew about National Lampoon’s Vacation


    It’s our favorite slap-stick road trip comedy, but we guarantee you didn’t know all these 10 facts about it.

    Clark Griswold is America’s last great family man in the series of National Lampoon movies featuring him and his nuclear family. The movie that got it all started, however, was the 1983 hit, “Vacation.” It’s over 30 years old, but it still strikes a chord with anyone who’s parents had the bright idea to road trip across the country.

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    These days, we’re sure you know every line of the movie, but we’re betting you don’t know all these random facts about the movie…

    The movie is based on a John Hughes short story, “Vacation 58” which chronicles a Detroit family taking a road trip to Disneyland. Using a good ol’ Rand McNally atlas, he laid out the stops and scenes that would eventually become the movie.


    Anthony Michael Hall was 14 during filming, hitting a growth spurt causing him to grow 3 inches during filming. Some scenes even had to be reshot to account for his dramatic change in height. (He apparently also tried to sneak a peek of Beverly in the shower)

    The “Family Truckster” featured in the film obviously took a tremendous amount of abuse. That’s why the had 5 different wagons for various states of destruction.

    While Aunt Edna’s dog is a goner in the movie, the crew actually did save a dog in Durango, CO as a driver began to drive off with it tied to to the bumper.


    The movie originally had a completely different, darker ending where Clark burst into Walley’s home and shoots him in the leg and is then taken to jail.


    “Walley World” is actually Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. The cast had to ride the roller coaster so many times, the looks of nausea are genuine. (Dana Barron aka Audrey Griswold was so sick she was given multiple doses of Dramamine.)

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    Hughes originally had Christie Brinkley, the mystery woman in the red Ferrari, being Rusty’s girl. She was also supposed to get naked in the movie, but refused and wore a bodysuit to seem topless in the pool.


    Does Eddie’s daughter, Cousin Vicki look familiar? That’s Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock fame in her very first big-screen film.


    Remember this license plate throwing scene? Yeah, that was unscripted. Chase didn’t mean to nearly hit the actress at the pump, so his look of nervousness is legit.

    Did you notice in this scene that Chevy Chase never actually rinses the dishes? If you watch, he just wipes them with a rag and puts them back in the cupboard. Bet you hadn’t noticed that before?

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    Well, there ya have it. A little useless knowledge for your everyday life. We’ll end with the smash hit song that’ll have you tapping your foot and planning a road trip…