Move over big cities, the best pizza in Ohio is in the small town of Delaware, Ohio at Mohio Pizza Co…

Pizza. The common denominator. Who doesn’t like pizza? From deep dish to wood fired, it’s all pretty darn good, but some pizza is just a step above all the others. The pizza at Mohio is that pizza. We’ve eaten pizza in darn nearly every state in this great country, and we’re here to tell you Mohio Pizza Co. in Delaware, OH might just be the best in all the land.

For Mohio, it all starts with the dough. Using natural leavened dough gives them an edge we’re not sure we’ve ever seen at any other pizza joints.

This special dough consists of organic unbleached flour, water, salt, bread flour, and a secret natural leavening agent he was given by some lovely Mennonites to get his first batches of dough rolling.

The end result is a crust that’s softer than traditional wood fired pizza but not quite as fluffy as your run-of-the-mill pizza chains’ crusts. It’s just unique. We don’t quite know how else to describe it. Unique and delicious.

And they take their dough very seriously. Just talking with Monroe “Moe” Nelson, the owner, you learn how much he loves his dough and his pizza. We’re convinced he has dreams about pizza dough. We’re convinced it’s why his pizzas are so superb.

Of course, their other menu offerings are great as well, and his weekly and daily specials mean there’s always something new to try. For us, it was some wings, and you could tell the same level of care was put into the wings as the pizza.

We’re not food critics, but the wings had a tasty, smokey flavor and were so good we ate them all even with our pizza still coming soon after.

Our pizza of choice for our visit was the Soppressata Ricotta. For those of you clueless as to what soppressata is, it’s basically a fancy Italian salami, and it’s magnificent.

Again, we’re not food critics, so we can’t tell you the little nuances of the tastes, but we do know we had to force ourselves to stop eating our individual 11” pizzas for fear of looking like real gluttons in front of everyone at the restaurant. (I mean… wings and a whole pizza. Show some self respect, Austin.)

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All this great food has to be accompanied by something to drink, though, right? Don’t worry, their cocktail menu is equally unique. We started off with “The Red Right Hand,” a spicy but refreshing cocktail of Shishito pepper infused vodka, Campari, parsley simple, and Solerno. We eventually switched to a local craft beer to finish the meal off.

The overall ambiance of MOhio is just right, too. The bright, long space features the pizza making area so you can actually watch Moe and his team craft the good stuff. It’s classy, chic, but not stuffy. The space is perfect for a date night or just a casual night with friends.

Whether you’re a pizza aficionado or just like the rest of us and enjoy a good slice, you need to put Mohio Pizza Co. in Delaware, Ohio on your must-eat list.

Mohio Pizza

23 North Sandusky St.
Delaware, Ohio 43015