MINI Takes the States, the country’s most epic road trip hits the pavement to fill the nation’s food banks…

We love a good road trip. In fact, there’s only one thing we love more: a road trip for a good cause. Once again, MINI Takes the States rose to the occasion as both a cross-country road trip of a lifetime and a juggernaut of charitable goodness thanks to its partnership with Feeding America.


So just what is it like participating in the craziest charitable road trip in the country? Let us tell you all about it…

This was our third time getting to experience MINI Takes the States, and when we say “experience,” we mean it… This isn’t just any road trip. It’s a traveling carnival. (Complete with marching bands.)


Technically, the 2018 MINI Takes the States “Rally to the Rockies,” was a 5,000+ mile, 9 day, 14 state road trip with two routes converging in Keystone, CO., but to us, it’s a lot more than just a road trip.

It’s a non-stop whirlwind of hundreds upon hundreds of MINIs with their colorful, eclectic, and endearing owners (oh, and their pets- they’d be upset if we forgot the pets!) launching each morning bound for the next city.


It’s days of having people stop you at gas stations and say, “What the heck is going on?” as 500 MINIs motor through their towns.

It’s evenings out on the town- sharing drinks, laughs, and stories from the road with MINI owners.


It’s a reunion of old friends. Through our participation in MTTS, we’ve made countless friends, and it’s always top of our list to spot their MINIs in the crowd on the first morning.

It’s a lot of waving. Anyone in a MINI had better wave at fellow MINI motorists or face shame and ridicule at the next Rise & Rally event. Waving is the MINI way.

It’s the open road in a thrilling car. In the 3 times we’ve participated in the event, we’ve had the privileged of driving all sorts of MINIs…

From the souped up John Cooper Works MINIs to the fun-in-the-sun convertibles, we’ve done some motoring in them all. They’re just addictively fun. Every time we return home we almost run our personal vehicles off the road because we’ve become so used to the MINI’s excellent handling.

Most importantly…

It’s one heck of a good cause. Just as in 2016, 2018’s MINI Takes the States, partnered with Feeding America to raise over 1.1 MILLION meals for Americans in need. That’s right… over a MILLION of our neighbors in need will have a meal thanks to MINI Takes the States.


While MINI contributed a portion of each MTTS registration fee to Feeding America, it’s the generosity of MINI owners and their friends & family that catches our eye. Prior to this MTTS, owners had the opportunity to register with Feeding America and their “Give a Meal Team Challenge.” Owners and MINI clubs from across the country answered the call and made sure their epic road trip was much more than just a memory.

The end result? The thousands of people participating in MINI Takes the States weren’t just out for a fun drive.

They were motoring with a meaning.

That’s our kind of road trip.

Join the MINI Takes the States Fun

If spending a week or two on the road with a few thousand new friends while raising money for charity sounds like a good time, start preparing now for the next MINI Takes the States. Visit the MTTS website for a recap of this year’s event and follow MINI USA on social media to stay in the know for the next epic road trip. We also suggest joining the MTTS Facebook group for all sorts of fun happenings in the MINI community.

Turn your next trip into meals for the hungry

You don’t have to be on MINI Takes the States to use your next road trip to fight hunger. Set a goal… Maybe a $1 a mile? Whatever seems appropriate! Use Feeding America’s website to start your campaign and rally your friends and family to make each mile of your next road trip truly matter.

It doesn’t take much… Just $1 can be turned into 10 meals through Feeding America.

Of course, you can give to the cause at any time through Feeding America.

On your next trip, make your miles matter more.