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Midwest Motorhead Madness Bus Tour Itinerary

Here's a daily look at all the fun sights you'll see on our 6-day tour of the midwest's best car museums. (itinerary always subject to change)


Day 1: Indianapolis, IN

Meet your fellow travelers in a city known for its obsession with speed. Enjoy a welcome dinner and rest up for an action-packed trip!

Hotel: TBD

Included meals: dinner

Featured stops: City of Indianapolis


Day 4: Detroit, MI

Time for the crown jewel of transportation museums! The Henry Ford. From iconic cars like JFK's limo to trains to Rosa Parks bus to airplanes and even a historic village, there's so much to see! We blocked out a whole day for this truly unbelievable place.

Hotel: TBD

Included meals: breakfast

Featured stops: The Henry Ford & Greenfield Village


Day 2: Indy to Ft. Wayne, IN

Today is all about the most iconic race track in the United States, maybe the world: Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Enjoy their "kiss the bricks" guided tour as well as free time in the track's remarkable museum before heading north to Ft. Wayne. On the way, you'll get one more museum, but it's a secret we're keeping to ourselves for now!

Hotel: TBD

Included meals: breakfast

Featured stops: Indianapolis Motor Speedway


Day 5: Detroit to South Bend, IN

The amazing museums don't stop on day 5 as we travel to the Gilmore Car Museum. With over 400 cars on 80+ acres, many consider the Gilmore to be the best car-focused museum in the US. We'll spend plenty of time exploring it before heading down to South Bend, IN for the night.

Hotel: TBD

Included meals: breakfast

Featured stops: Gilmore Car Museum


Day 3: Ft. Wayne to Detroit, MI

Day 3 starts with a visit to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, one of the most beautiful car museums in the world. See art deco cars in an art deco place! From there, we'll bop across the street for a quick visit to the National Truck & Auto Museum before heading on up to Motor City!

Hotel: TBD

Included meals: breakfast

Featured stops: Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, National Truck & Auto Museum


Day 6: South Bend to Indy

Our final day finds us at the Studebaker Museum, a car museum filled with all things Studebaker and even a lot of things you'd never expect. From South Bend, we'll head back to Indy for a celebration dinner with your new best friends.

Hotel: TBD

Included meals: breakfast, dinner

Featured stops: Studebaker Museum

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