You don’t have to be in Indy to find awesome coffee in the Hoosier state. These 10 small-town coffee shops are every bit as cool as the big-city coffeeshops of Indianapolis…

If you think good, local coffeeshops are a thing reserved only for big cities, you’d be oh-so-wrong. Charming little coffee joints dot the smaller towns and cities of America, and Indiana is no different. While we use the term “small town” loosely (Ft. Wayne, Evansville, and Muncie aren’t exactly one-stoplight towns), the bottom line is these are our 10 favorite spots for a local cup of joe outside the city limits of Indy:

The Caffeinery (Muncie, IN)

My old hometown’s efforts to revitalize its downtown continue to move forward, and The Caffeinery is a perfect example. With a sleek, modern feel and expert baristas, this is the kind of coffeeshop downtown Muncie has always needed. When I’m home for the holidays, this is where I go.

Red Roaster (Madison, IN)

A picturesque town like Madison just has to have a quaint coffeeshop. And it does: Red Roaster. With its rows of large windows, Red Roaster is a great place to post up and take in the morning sun before exploring the charming downtown of Madison.

Additional Madison coffee shop you must check out: the Attic & Coffee Mill Cafe

Their quaint little shop front is a classic reason why people love visiting Madison, and inside you’ll find delicious coffee from beans roasted in house along with excellent breakfast grub, fresh salads, great sandwiches, and more.

Grindhouse Cafe (Griffith, IN)

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Grindhouse Cafe has quickly become Griffith’s go-to place for great coffee and great music. The place has a hip vibe that feels more like a coffeeshop in Austin or Portland, but lucky for Indiana folks, it’s right here in the Hoosier state.

Blackbird Cafe (Valparaiso, IN)

We’re suckers for coffee and pie, and you won’t find it served any better than at the Blackbird Cafe in Valparaiso. Of course, the rest of their robust, locally-sourced menu is equally delicious. And Blackbird nails the final piece of the coffeeshop puzzle with a staff that goes to great lengths to make the cafe feel exactly the way a local coffee shop should- friendly and warm.   

Sip (Crown Point, IN)

It’s funky. It’s eclectic. It’s downright awesome. Sip feels more like you’re grabbing a coffee in your super cool aunt’s house with its unique collection of furniture and art. Just like all great coffee shops, Sip hosts a slew of special events and a weekly open mic night, perfect excuses to go grab a bite and a latte in their awesome atmosphere.

Firefly Coffee House (Ft. Wayne, IN)

Art, coffee, and conversation blend together perfectly at the Firefly Coffee House in Ft. Wayne. A mainstay for locals for nearly two decades, Firefly continues to be one of the coolest spots in the whole city with its in-shop arts & crafts boutique, top-notch coffee, and homemade foods.

Three Crowns (Warsaw, IN)

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If you’re a lover of single-origin beans, the art of a good pour-over, and a superb food menu, super-chic Three Crowns in Warsaw is the place for you. Tucked in the 1st floor of the equally cool St. Regis Club (a former 1800s print house), Three Crowns is hands-down the coolest coffeeshop in Warsaw.

Oh, and if you’re at Three Crowns, you should also stop by Oak and Alley in the same building.

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It’s every bit as cool as Three Crowns, but instead of coffee you’ll find some of the best burgers in the entire state along with a full craft beer, bourbon, and cocktail menu.

Roscoe’s Coffee Bar and Tap Room (Richmond, IN)

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I desperately wish Roscoe’s had existed back when I was driving through Richmond nearly every couple months as I traveled from college back to my hometown of Muncie. I suppose it’s for the best because I would have easily started spending hours upon hours here. One part coffeeshop. One part cafe. One part craft beer & wine bar… Yeah, Roscoe’s pretty much combines everything great in the world into a sweet space. It’s close enough to the Ohio border that we’ll say it’s top 10 in both Indiana and Ohio.

Penny Lane Coffeehouse (Evansville, IN)

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A fine example of Evansville’s continuing resurgence as a great weekend getaway destination, Penny Lane Coffeehouse features a slew of organic and fair trade offerings along with more healthy menu options than anywhere else in town. The only thing more authentic than its food and drinks is its rich community. It’s a perfect place to take in a little show, chat with friends, or relax with a hot drink.

So next time you’re in Evansville, start your morning off with some Penny Lane and then check out the LST, grab a beer and some grub at Tin Man Brewing, and finish your night at one of the oldest and coolest baseball stadiums in America, Bosse Field. (You may recognize it from A League of Their Own)

Hobknob Coffee Co. (Floyds Knobs, IN)

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The formula for a great local coffeeshop is simple: great space + great coffee + great people. Hobknob Coffee Co. in Floyds Knobs has the formula down pat. Their warm interior invites you in and their friendly, skilled baristas keep you coming back for more. No trip to Southern Indiana would be complete without a perfectly-crafted latte from Hobknob.

Speaking of Southern Indiana, we’re big fans of the towns just across the river from Louisville. From the incredibly charming Schimpff’s Confectionery to the hip shops and restaurants of New Albany, it’s easy to spend a weekend exploring Southern Indiana. Check in with our friends at SoIN and prepare to be amazed at how much these handful of little towns have to offer.

We know limiting the list to 10 totally leaves out some other stellar places. Let us know your favorites so they get some love too…

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