Not only is The Greater Gouda a top-notch cheese shop, but it’s an oasis of other awesome local foods and gifts…

We’ve written about all sorts of places. We’ve never written about a cheese shop… Until now. That’s because the Greater Gouda was just so great we had to tell you about them. If you like cheese (and all sorts of fine foods and wines) have we got the place for you…

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The Greater Gouda in downtown Delaware is, like almost everything we love, the result of the owners’ personal passions. Put simply, owners Mark and Terri loved cheeses, meats, and all sorts of food and drink, but they were having trouble finding the stuff they really wanted nearby.

So, they opened a store to satisfy their own cheesy desires.

Lucky for them, they weren’t the only ones in Delaware, Ohio craving these high-quality cheeses and other meats, jams, candies, pastas, and more. The area took to the shop, and before long, they were just another success story of downtown Delaware’s renaissance.

Of course, cheese is at the core of what they do at The Greater Gouda, and their massive case is filled with the highest quality cheeses from all over the world. They have all your standard cheeses, but for us, it was amazing to try all the bazillion types of bleu cheeses and cheeses we’ve never heard of.

While you *might* be able to find many of their cheeses at a big box store in your town, you won’t find someone behind the counter with the level of knowledge they have about each cheese, and you definitely won’t be able to sample the cheeses before you buy it.

Aside from their massive cheese and meat selection, the store boasts so many different local or regional foods we don’t know where to start. Want some local hummus? Got it. Want some regional candy? No problem. Want some obscure, delicious, rare wine? Say the word.

Not only do they have an astonishing array of artisan foods, but they can tell you about every single one of them. They can tell you about the family that makes it. They can tell you about the farm where the milk came from. For us, that’s what makes The Greater Gouda so special… The knowledgeable and friendly folks behind the counter.

A trip to their shop reminded us of a long-gone era where your butcher or grocer knew you by name and knew their products like the back of their hand.

Their dedication and love for what they do is definitely paying off. The Greater Gouda is now not only a popular shop for individuals to do a little shopping, but it’s a popular choice for catering throughout the area. Several of the local businesses also partner with The Greater Gouda to make their own menus fresher and more local.


The Greater Gouda may have started as a way for the owners to enjoy more of the foods they love, it’s now become a staple of their community and yet another local small business success story.

The Greater Gouda

12 N. Sandusky Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015