Goodguys Road Tour Day 5 Recap: Crossing the finish line

    The grand finale of 1,800 miles in 5 days on the Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour with 42 sweet vintage customs. Let’s just say they saved some of the best places for last…

    After the grueling 550 miles of day 4, everyone was pretty thrilled to have a lighter day filled with multiple stops as our time on the 2015 Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour finally came to an end.

    Goodguys Road Tour-318

    We started the morning off at Comp Cams, just outside Memphis. You gearheads already know the name, and you know they do a heck of a lot more than just make camshafts. They invited us in for a behind-the-scenes tour of their massive manufacturing facility where we watched cams be made the old-fashioned way (by hand) and in their huge CNCs. At the end of the tour, we were even treated to donuts and coffee while they tested a cam on a dyno before raffling off hundreds of dollars worth of gift certificates and Comp Cams swag.

    Goodguys Road Tour-321

    Goodguys Road Tour-320

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    Goodguys Road Tour-319

    Goodguys Road Tour-323

    Goodguys Road Tour-322

    From Comp, it was a quick shot out of Memphis to Nashville for a stop at Greening Auto Company. The Greenings had been on the Goodguys Road Tour with us in a sweet little roadster and a mean Apache pickup, so we knew they had loads of talent. Their shop only furthered this notion. Everywhere you look, there’s another incredible creation, along with plenty of hardware telling of their accolades.

    Goodguys Road Tour-325

    Goodguys Road Tour-329

    Goodguys Road Tour-333

    Goodguys Road Tour-326

    Goodguys Road Tour-330

    Finally, we drove just a little bit north to Bowling Green for our final stop on the 1,800 mile Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour: Holley Performance.

    Goodguys Road Tour-341

    In the world of carburetors, Holley is synonymous with performance, and like Comp Cams, they’ve diversified over the years to offer everything from EFI to NOS to headers. The fine folks at Holley were kind enough to roll out the red carpet for a full factory tour.

    Goodguys Road Tour-335

    Goodguys Road Tour-337

    Goodguys Road Tour-338

    Goodguys Road Tour-339

    Goodguys Road Tour-340

    So 3 stops in one day, each with enough to make a car-lover smile ear-to-ear the whole trip. It was a perfect ending to an 1,800 mile adventure filled with incredible custom rides, a few mishaps and breakdowns, and plenty of fun on the road. The Goodguys Road Tour may have been over, but the fun was just starting in Bowling Green as the Goodguys 4th Nostalgia Nationals kicked off the next day.

    Whether you’re up for a big road trip like we are or you just like to check out some show cars, Goodguys has you covered with trips and shows all across the country. Check out Goodguys’ website to find an event near you.


    A special thank you to Team Mustang Girls for allowing Two Lane America to tag along in Mustang Monthly Magazine‘s “Project Warrior” 1965 Mustang.

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