Goodguys Road Tour Day 3 Recap: Salvage Yards to Vintage Race Cars

    A huge salvage yard, the real-life “Ramone’s” from the movie Cars, a Route 66 Museum, and an incredible collection of vintage race cars and pre-war beauties… All on Day 3 of the Goodguys Road Tour…

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    Heading out of Amarillo with Team Mustang Girls for Day 3 of the 2015 Goodguys Hall of Fame Tour, our first stop was just a short drive into the Texas countryside to see Bob Owens’ Salvage Yard in Wellington, TX.

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    To say Owens Salvage Co. is massive would be an understatement. This place has to be one of the largest salvage yards in the country as rusty cars stretch for as far as the eye can see. In fact, the place is so big they let us borrow some of their vehicles to tour the place.

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    While the outside is certainly big, the inside at Owens Salvage Co. isn’t exactly small. The warehouse seems to go on forever with rows upon rows of engines, transmissions, and every other part you might need to get your ride back on the road.

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    After touring the yard, we run up the street to see Bob’s collection of cars and automobilia. A man cave of man caves, it’s a downright impressive place.

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    From Wellington, TX, we shot back toward I-40, but first made a stop in Shamrock, TX for one of our all-time favorite Route 66 stops: Tower Service Station and the U-Drop Inn Cafe.

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    Once a vital Route 66 stop for weary road travelers, the Tower Service Station and U-Drop Inn has even served Elvis Presley during his travels across the country. Today, the Route 66 icon offers a great spot for photos along with a full gift shop and free wi-fi in the beautifully restored cafe.

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    If the place looks familiar, you’re probably thinking about “Ramone’s” from the Disney Pixar movie Cars. Ramone’s is based on Tower Service Station and the U-Drop Inn Cafe.

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    Next, Team Mustang Girls and Two Lane America crossed into Oklahoma and stopped at the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum. Thoughtfully curated, the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum is arguably the best Route 66 museum we’ve ever toured. Each display tells a different aspect of the Mother Road’s history from its creation to its resurgence as a tourist destination.

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    Finally, we ended day 3 of the Goodguys Road Tour with dinner at Ted Davis’s shop in Oklahoma City.

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    For those of you unfamiliar with Ted Davis, he’s pretty much a legend in the world of early race cars, Packards, rare pre-war cars, and even land speed record racing. When he’s not hanging out with Jay Leno at Pebble Beach or taking one of his early roadsters to Indianapolis Motor Speedway, he’s here in Oklahoma City restoring some of the rarest and most beautiful cars in the country.

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    Day 3 of the Goodguys Hall of Fame Tour had a little bit of everything… Rusty cars, race cars, show cars, and even a place from the movie Cars.

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