Goodguys Road Tour Day 2 Recap: Route 66 and a big Texas-style party

    Route 66 cruising, another breakdown, and a big Texas welcome in Amarillo. Here’s a recap of Day 2 of the Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour…

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    Another day on the Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour is in the books with us now checking Colorado and New Mexico off our lists as we hit the road in Texas. Our first full day on the road, the trip from Trinidad, CO to Amarillo, TX had a little bit of everything including another battle with a little car trouble.

    Heading south from Colorado and into New Mexico, the scenery shifts to a more southwestern landscape with a two-lane road connecting us with the mighty I-40 until we made it to our first stop, the Route 66 Museum in Santa Rosa, NM.

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    Just a stone’s throw from I-40, the Route 66 Auto Museum is a great place to make a quick stop with funky photo ops outside and dozens of classic cars and trucks inside.

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    The folks rolled out the red carpet for us with plenty of drinks and even some cookies. After making the rounds in the museum, we headed back to the highway until we came to the classic Route 66 town of Tucumcari, NM.

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    Here we met up with our old friends the Talleys at their iconic Route 66 motel: Motel Safari. With several other iconic Route 66 businesses like the Blue Swallow Motel and Tee Pee Curios and multiple restored service stations and massive murals, Tucumcari is an ideal New Mexico Route 66 photo op stop.

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    Just a few miles up the road from Tucumcari is Russell’s Truck & Travel Center which features a free classic car museum you can tour while your food cooks up in the diner.

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    Back on I-40, we said goodbye to New Mexico and headed into the Lone Star State for a stop at one of the most iconic roadside attractions in the country: Cadillac Ranch.

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    Unfortunately, this was also about the time Team Mustang Girls and Mustang Monthly Magazine’s “Project Road Warrior” 1965 Mustang started to act up on us again. We skipped the stop at Bill’s Backyard Classics in Amarillo to let the car cool down a bit before heading to our final stop for the night at Mark Warrick’s Collection and Shop.

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    If we were hoping for a big, Texas-sized welcome to Amarillo, the Goodguys Road Tour got that and then some. Texas barbecue, beer, and all the eye-candy a car lover could want… the stop at Mark Warrick’s was just the party we needed after a full day on the road.

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    Oh, and Mark had one other thing we needed… A lift. Once again, Josh from Goolsby Customs, along with several other Goodguys Road Tour participants, came to the rescue and helped check “Project Road Warrior” over. We’re fairly certain the external fuel pump and line from the tank to it are getting too hot and vapor locking.

    Goodguys Road Tour-79

    Goodguys Road Tour-80

    With the sun setting and cool air moving in, it was easy cruising to our hotel to get ready for a full day of fun in the morning with Team Mustang Girls on the Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour.

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    • Don & Suzan Little

      We enjoyed meeting you and touring with you. We had a great time and look forward to next years tour.

      Don & Suzan Little
      Blue 1963 Buick Riviera

      • Austin Coop

        Hey Don & Suzan! Likewise!!

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