And we’re off! Day 1 recap of the Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour 2015

    We’re hitting the road with 40+ classic muscle cars, street rods, and vintage rides to cover 1,800 miles from Loveland, CO to Bowling Green, KY.

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    Goodguys is known for their stellar events, but they know half the fun is getting to their events… That’s why they organize multiple road tours to and from their events each year like the 2015 Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour from their Colorado Nationals in Loveland, CO to the Goodguys Nostalgia Nationals in Bowling Green, Ky. Just so happens Two Lane America got invited to ride shotgun with Team Mustang Girls on this 1,800 mile adventure…

    Here’s a recap from Day 1:

    The tour officially kicked off Sunday at the Goodguys Colorado Nationals where thousands of cars and even more people gathered for 3 days of fun ranging from autocross to model building to just walking around and enjoying the plethora of eye-popping customs and cruisers.

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    Around noon, the 40 or so cars and trucks participating in the road tour slowly filed out of the Colorado Nationals as spectators and other car owners lined the road to cheer us on. Of course, more than one person quipped, “Man, we should do something like that.”

    Goodguys Road Tour-34

    Yes. Yes, you should. Unlike lone-wolfing it across the country, tours like this from Goodguys gives you a chance to meet new people and experience places normally not open to the public thanks to Goodguys’ many hot rod connections. Plus, you get the peace of mind of a chase trailer and team of mechanics. This is huge. (Especially for our day 1. More on that later…)

    Goodguys Road Tour-35

    Once on the road, our Day 1 route was fairly simple, a quick trip down I-25 to Trinidad, CO, but sometimes a classic car has a way of throwing you a curveball… Just south of Denver our little 1965 Mustang Monthly Magazine “Project Road Warrior” Mustang starting cutting out a bit. By the time we got to the mid-day stop at the Vehicle Vault, it was obvious our fuel system had an issue.

    Goodguys Road Tour-38

    Thankfully, Josh Henning and the boys from Goolsby Customs were right there with the truck and trailer to get us down to the hotel. From there, mad scientist Josh plugged in his computer, tuned the car’s computer for the higher altitude (along with other cars with similar issues), and drank a beer. The man can do it all.

    Goodguys Road Tour-43

    As we mentioned, our Goodguys Road Tour stop for the day was the Vehicle Vault in Parker, CO. While we’ll give you a full write-up on this treasure chest of rare cars another time, we’ll give you a few pictures now to hold you over:

    Goodguys Road Tour-36

    Goodguys Road Tour-37

    To say the Vehicle Vault had some rare cars would be an understatement. From convertible Shelby Mustangs to Gullwing Mercedes to exotic Ferraris, they had a little bit of everything. They are open to the public Wednesday – Sunday from 10am to 6pm. If you’re in the Denver area and dig cars, this is a must-see.

    Goodguys Road Tour-42

    So overall Day 1 was a smashing success… Sure the car had a little issue, but Team Mustang Girls and Two Lane America made it to the Day 1 hotel in Trinidad to catch the sunset with the rest of our fellow road warriors. Now we’re back on the road this morning for Day 2, barreling down toward New Mexico, Route 66, and another day full of adventures on the Goodguys Road Tour.



    Goodguys Road Tour-42


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