Family owned and operated in a historic former Route 66 filling station, The FourWay in Cuba, MO is the perfect Mother Road restaurant…

    There are a lot of reasons to take a road trip down Route 66, and we’re pretty sure The FourWay in Cuba, Missouri ticks every single one. Where else on Route 66 can you grab a delicious bite of food in a beautifully renovated former filling station owned and operated by a friendly local family? The FourWay epitomizes what the Mother Road is all about.

    We first learned about The FourWay when we were in a real bind… A dinner in St. Louis for the group we were escorting along Route 66 had ended in sheer disaster. (Imagine a super drunk chef passing out. Yeah, it happened.) As we frantically searched for a place to have a “make-up” meal, we ran across The FourWay. We emailed them late, late that night and owner Joan Weir responded. By lunch the next day, they were ready to host our entire group. We’ve been brining people there ever since.

    The History of The FourWay

    Of course, the charming little restaurant hasn’t always been a restaurant. The FourWay began life in 1932 as a filling station operated by Paul T. Carr. Its ideal location on Route 66 made it a popular place, and many of Cuba’s teenagers had their first job at Carr’s service station.

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    In 1968, Bill and Lynn Wallis purchased the building and used it as their first Mobil station and an office for what would become the 600+ employee Wallis Oil company.

    After Bill passed away in 2001, Lynn and the community honored her late husband by restoring the filling station, and Joanie and her family opened The FourWay in 2015.

    A look inside The FourWay

    Few family-owned restaurants have a decor as polished and fitting as The FourWay’s. Stylish yet nostalgic, The FourWay blends Route 66 memorabilia and the building’s history together perfectly. Whether you sit up front at the large windows or sneak to the back “service bays,” you’ll have one heck of a seat.

    The Food at The FourWay

    If ambiance alone wasn’t enough to make The FourWay memorable for you, the food will seal the deal. Joanie’s son, Sam, is a chef with talent and skill far beyond his years. We’re partial to their burgers, but the whole menu is amazing.

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    If you’re “burgered out” from all the other Route 66 burger joints, The FourWay will be like a breathe of fresh air with menu items like olive plates, salads, and tasty chicken kabobs.

    Oh, and they serve beer and wine! Speaking of service, it also can’t be beat. Joanie’s daughter Haley runs the front of house and table service with friendliness and warmth. The whole family just seems to make this place work flawlessly.

    There are lots of great places to eat along the 2,400 miles of Route 66, but none better in all of Missouri than The FourWay in Cuba, MO.

    The FourWay

    102 W. Washington Ave.

    Cuba, MO 65453

    (573) 885-3004


    Want to eat at places like this? Want to see more cool Route 66 spots? Why not take a trip with us!
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