Whether you’re a local that stops by several times a week or just a group of motorcyclists out for a weekend ride, Firehouse Tavern in Sunbury, Ohio is the perfect place for good grub and drinks…

Every town has that one restaurant… The restaurant where the locals gather for beers and wings after a hard week’s work. The restaurant where the bartenders all know you by name. You get the idea. Well, Sunbury, Ohio’s “one” restaurant is most definitely the Firehouse Tavern, and it’s a delicious destination for locals and visitors alike.

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After our stop at Ohio’s Fallen Heroes Memorial up the street, we knew Sunbury takes its heroes seriously, and that theme follows right on into Firehouse Tavern where nearly every inch is covered with some sort of firefighter memorabilia. Patches, t-shirts, and even uniforms hang all around, and that’s no accident.

via Firehouse Tavern

Not only does the place honor firefighters, but it also gives a nod to the men and women of our armed forces. If you look back behind the bar you’ll see a flag and certificate from the Air Force, a gift from the owner’s Air Force son.

Also touching is the framed picture of local hero LCpl. Jacob D Spann. After having just met his mother at the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial, it was especially touching to see his photo on the wall of the Firehouse Tavern.

Like we said, Sunbury takes its heroes seriously, and we’re all for that.

Ok, so what about the food? We’d been eating sandwiches all darn weekend, so we went for some boneless wings and fries this particular day. Oh, we were not disappointed.

Our server suggested a mild/Garlic Parmesan mix and it was absolutely perfect. Of course, the waffle fries were also amazing. We’ll never understand (other than cost) why everywhere doesn’t serve waffle fries. Of course, their burgers are amazing too.

via Firehouse Tavern

Overall, it was a great meal to follow up our moving experience at the Fallen Heroes Memorial.

The weather this particular day wasn’t the greatest, but we’d imagine their back beer garden is the place to be on a sunny day in Sunbury. Even on this cool spring day we saw motorcycle clubs rolling in as we were rolling out. It’s obviously become a destination for people from all over central Ohio, and we can see why. If you’re looking for a nice little small town adventure this summer, consider Sunbury and make sure you stop at the Firehouse Tavern for some food and drinks.

Firehouse Tavern
38 South Vernon Street
Sunbury, OH 43074
Tel: 740-965-2207