Cruise in an Amphicar at Walt Disney World’s new restaurant, the Boathouse

    Just opened last month, The Boathouse is Downtown Disney’s newest restaurant, and it’s been making waves in more ways than one… For starters, The Boathouse offers upscale fining and stunning waterfront views, but it’s their Amphicar tours that have everyone talking…

    Looking for a way to stand out from the overwhelming Downtown Disney market, developer Steven Schussler thought it would be cool to showcase a collection of rare  Amphicars and even offer tours of the lake in these bizarre car/boat creations. For only $125, you and up to 2 other guests get a 20-minute voyage starting on dry land and transitioning into Lake Buena Vista, giving you that full Amphicar experience…

    The Amphicar experience at The Boathouse is the only commercial Amphicar tour in the world and compliments the restaurant’s extensive collection of rare boats from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Schussler hopes the Amphicar tours will both encourage people to visit the restaurant and spark a new generation of Amphicar-lovers.

    The Boathouse, now open for little over a month, has already generated plenty of buzz in the Disney community. The Disney Food Blog has already been over to check the place out, and if you’re a really big fan of boats or Disney stuff, read their full review with lots of great pictures…


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    More about the Amphicar from Hemmings:

    The Amphicar 770 was the brainchild of German engineer Hans Trippel, the man behind the iconic gullwing doors used on the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL. Though the development was backed by the German government and assembly took place at a pair of German factories, the Amphicar was a true global vehicle, designed primarily for the U.S. market and initially powered by the same 1,147-cc four-cylinder used in the Triumph Herald. Later versions would get engines up to 1,493 cc in displacement.

    Source: Hemmings