Sometimes one of our guided tours just isn’t quite the right fit… Schedules can make it messy or perhaps you have some custom detours you’d like to do on your specific trip. No matter what the reason, we know not everyone can come along on one of our expertly guided Route 66 tours.

We’ve come up with the next best thing!

What is our “Self Guided Route 66 Package?”


Our “Self-Guided Route 66 Package” is intended for guests that want the freedom of traveling on their own but would still like expert-level help in maximizing their time.


Put simply, it’s a custom guidebook intended to give you a daily itinerary and suggestions based on our Route 66 experiences.


What it’s not:

A “one size fits all” book off the shelf. There are several excellent books such as EZ-Guide if you’d like reference materials for planning your own trip. Instead, our guide books are customized to your specific trip parameters.

A full-service experience… We will not physically book any hotels or experiences but instead suggest what you should do. A trusted travel agent could assist with actual bookings using our guide as a backbone if you’d like.

What’s included in our “Self Guided Route 66 Kit”:

  • An extremely robust physical itinerary book (see below for more details)

  • An information book about Route 66 (history, facts, etc.)

  • Daily Google Map directions

  • On-Trip email and phone support

  • Two Route 66 drawstring bags ($20 value)

  • 2 exclusive Route 66 posters ($20 value)

  • A handful of Route 66 buttons, postcards, and stickers ($10 value)

  • Digital .pdf copy of the guidebook

  • Daily Spotify playlists for each day



The Itinerary Book: The Heart of the Package

  • Daily itineraries including times/distances

  • Suggested hotels based on your personal preferences and our experience

  • Tips, tricks, and other hints

  • Daily dining suggestions tailored to your preferences

Kit Pricing





How our kits work:

  1. Click the button "Get Started" for a questionnaire to give us a sense of the trip you want to take.

  2. We’ll reach out via phone or email to clarify your travel plans

  3. Two Lane America crafts a custom tour itinerary for you based on your needs

  4. We'll send you a rough draft of the itinerary and schedule a time to discuss it day-by-day.

  5. We'll make any edits necessary and go over it again to produce a final draft.

  6. After, we’ll physically ship your Route 66 tour package to the address of your choosing (if traveling to the US from another country, we will ship to the first hotel of your journey in the US)

  7. We'll also email you a digital copy and an invoice for payment.

Recent Review:

"Want to thank Austin for putting together a package using the "Self Guided Route 66 Itinerary" We are unable to go with group because of timing and he helped set up trip plan with things to see, places to eat and where to stay. Plus we got a very cool goodie basket with many Route 66 souvenir items."

-Mark T.