11 of Mississippi’s very best diners all in one bluesy, beefy, soul-foody road trip…

    For starters, “diner” is a broad term when we’re talking Mississippi. Some are classic 50s style. Some are simple greasy spoons. Some are old wood-planked buildings with blues pouring out the front door. No matter how you define “diner,” we think you’ll agree these 11 make for one heck of a Mississippi greasy spoon road trip.

    Phillips Grocery (Holly Springs, MS)

    Few diners in America have a history quite like Phillips Grocery in the charming little town of Holly Springs, MS. From the Civil War to the days of prohibition to today, Phillips Grocery has seen it all. We like it so much we boldly suggested it may be one of the best burgers in the whole state. Combine their tasty burgers with their eclectic decor, and you get a perfect southern diner.

    Blue & White Restaurant (Tunica, MS)

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    Originally opened way back in 1924, the Blue & White Restaurant has seen it all, but the current staff still operates with the same principals that made the place a success all those years ago. The decor is decidedly “diner” and the restaurant is still a family affair with multiple generations working side-by-side to serve up some of the best diner grub in Tunica.

    H. D. Gibbes & Sons (Learned, MS)

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    When we imagine the perfect southern diner it’s one part good food, one part good music, and one part old school kitsch. That’s H.D. Gibbes & Sons to a T. Tucked off the beaten path, H.D. Gibbes & Sons serves up great food and live music just as it has for years. H.D. Gibbes & Sons feels like a true southern juke joint through and through.

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    The Hollywood Cafe (Robinsonville, MS)

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    Remember the song, “Walking in Memphis?” Of course you do. Remember the line, “Now Muriel plays piano. Every Friday at the Hollywood.” THIS is that Hollywood (and yes, Muriel did play piano there). Aside from its pop culture fame and rightful inclusion on the Mississippi Blue Trail for its long history of live music, the place also serves up some pretty delicious grub. The whole menu is excellent, but you’d be a total dunce to pass up on their fried pickles. After all, the Hollywood Cafe is where the fried pickle was “born.”

    2 Sisters Diner (New Albany, MS)

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    Simple country cooking. That’s what it’s all about at 2 Sisters Diner. From their Mississippi catfish to their homemade sweets, 2 Sisters is comfort food all the way. You won’t find it better anywhere outside your grandma’s kitchen.

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    Country Diner (Foxworth, MS)

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    One of the things we love about local diners is the community they create. Young kids get their first taste of employment. Retirees have a place to gather to discuss the weather and sports over good, wholesome food. The Country Diner in Foxworth is that kind of community-building diner. It’s the kind of place where out-of-towners stumble in only to leave as family and where locals come to celebrate birthdays, graduations, and everything in-between.

    Skeets (Wesson, MS)

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    What’s better than a little shack serving up delicious burgers, BBQ, and more? Nothing. With their outdoor seating, the Skeet Burger Snack Shop is like going on a picnic but the food is better than whatever junk you tried to pack.

    Brent’s Drugs (Jackson, MS)

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    As classic a diner/soda fountain as you’ll find anywhere in the state, Brent’s Drugs has been serving up juicy burgers and sweet shakes since 1947 and is just as beloved by the folks of Jackson as ever. With its retro stylings and friendly staff, Brent’s Drugs carries on the traditions of the many old-school soda fountains that used to dot the small towns and cities of America. If you want a true 1950s “diner” experience, Brent’s is for you.

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    Ajax Diner (Oxford, MS)

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    The list of accolades for Ajax Diner is long as its consistently named the “best” in multiple categories for all of Oxford. If you want great soul food or a mouthwatering burger paired with cold beer or handcrafted cocktails, the Ajax Diner is the place for you. Oh, we almost forgot to mention… It comes highly recommended by Eli Manning.

    Latham’s Hamburger Inn (New Albany, MS)

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    Started way back in the 1930s, Latham’s Hamburger Inn has changed names, locations, and ownership a few times, but their delicious burgers have remained the same. Simply said to be “New Albany’s Burger,” Latham’s Hamburger Inn is a town institution with its good food, wall of “tried and true proverbs” and friendly folks. (NOTE: As of January 18th, Latham’s was undergoing some renovations with an expected reopening date in early 2017. Please check their Facebook page for current updates.)

    Darwell’s Cafe (Long Beach, MS)

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    Like others on this list, simply calling Darwell’s a “diner,” doesn’t quite seem right. It’s more like a funky party that happens to also serve spectacular southern-style soul food. Featured as one of the best of the best on Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives, Darwell’s Cafe takes their good food and adds nightly entertainment to make the place jump every night of the week. Just blocks from the beach and with a BYOB policy, what’s not to love?

    As always, we’re sure we left a couple of your favorites off the list. Feel free to let us know what should be on our next Mississippi food adventure.

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