Bowlus Road Chief takes their lineup to the next level with their new 26’ “On the Road” edition and we desperately want one…

When Hawley Bowlus first designed and built his ultra-lightweight aluminum trailer in the 1930s, we doubt he had any idea the company bearing his name would be making some of the most beautiful and advanced RVs in the world nearly 90 years later. That’s exactly what Bowlus Road Chief has done, and their new Limited Edition On the Road 26’ model takes travel to a new level of luxury and style.

If there’s something that’s hot right now, it’s the vintage-inspired travel trailer market. From “canned hams” to Airstream and others, American travelers have fallen in love with the classic stylings paired with modern amenities. Bowlus Road Chief takes these pairings to a new level with their largest RV yet.

The Limited Edition On the Road 26’ is a head-turner

If you’re looking to garner some gawks everywhere you go, any of the Bowlus RVs will surely do the trick. The new 26’, like its 24’ counterpart retains those signature Hawley Bowlus airplane-inspired curves and slants. Not only does this make them exceptionally beautiful, but it also makes them unrivaled in aerodynamics.

Once inside, the 26’ boasts some of the same industry-leading luxury features as the 24’ such as heated floors and impeccable style and design choices.

“The On The Road 26’ Limited Edition is complete with yours & mine closets, heated floors, cellular routers and boosters, and an en suite hotel-style bathroom featuring an expansive shower with Italian fixtures and endless hot water,” says Co-Founder & CEO Geneva Long, “and it is every bit as splendid as its namesake. We’ve specially badged this Limited Edition to celebrate another special moment in our 85 years of history.”

To say the interiors are luxurious might be an understatement. Taking color inspirations from places like the slot canyons of the Southwest and White Sands National Monument, designers blend tones, materials, and functionality to create a perfectly executed space.

Both the Heart of the Canyons or Spirit of the Dunes color palettes get a luxury enhancement with fabric treatments inspired by shagreen, a rawhide loved by not only 1920s and 30s designers but also French aristocrats.

Between the exterior and interior, the Limited Edition 26’ is a true rolling work of art.

Go off the grid longer without “roughing” it

Anyone wanting a Bowlus Road Chief can’t really be desiring to “rough it,” with all its luxuries, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to slip away from the hustle and bustle and get to nature. With the only battery in the entire industry with the capability to power you off the grid for a whole week, the Limited Edition 26’ can transport you into the thick of the outdoors with all your creature comforts like electronics, A/C, and heating.

The list of features goes on and on, so we suggest hopping over to their website for more specs and gorgeous pictures.

And of course, we know you want to know how much… You’ll need $185,000 to pick up your own The On The Road® 26′ Edition – Bowlus Road Chief®. The plus side? They do offer competitive financing for just shy of $1,000/month. (Maybe we’ll ditch our overpriced, builder-grade apartment and just live in one of these beauties? Who’s with us?)

The fascinating story of Hawley Bowlus and his enduring legacy

So how did it all begin? Rewind to the turn of the century. The airplane was coming into focus as the epitome of our technological advancements, and engineer Hawley Bowlus was right in the thick of the aviation industry. From Bowlus Road Chief:

“Best known for his role in building the famed aircraft Spirit of St. Louis and training many of the first glider pilots in the world, including Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Bowlus was determined to design and build a lightweight travel trailer that could transport flight crews to remote takeoff locations.”

By 1934, he’d completed his first aluminum travel trailer, and its lightweight design and pleasing aesthetics quickly made it a hit that would later even inspire Wally Byam to create the iconic Airstream brand.

Bowlus would eventually return full-time to the aviation industry in 1937, but many of his trailers would remain, scattered around the United States. When Modern-Day Bowlus Road Chief CEO Geneva Long and her family found and restored one, she was inspired to revive the iconic design.

The rest is riveted aluminum history. (Read more of the company’s story here)