bircus brewery ludlow ky

Wait, there’s a brewery run by circus clowns? Bircus Brewery in Ludlow, KY may be the most unique brewery in the United States…

We’ve been to a lot of breweries over the years, and for the most part, they’re usually somewhat similar… Beer nerds that have taken their homebrewing to a new level and opened a tap room. Then we went to Bircus Brewery just outside Cincinnati in Ludlow, KY. Bircus is, put simply, a brewery run by circus clowns.

Bircus Brewery Ludlow KY

Seriously. We’re not making this up. It’s a brewery operated by a circus troupe. (Tell us more, you say…)

It all started when “Chief Goof Officer,” Paul Miller, a former Ringling Brothers clown, went on a quest to find the perfect space to continue doing what he and his friends love to do… clown around.

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He found this ideal space in Ludlow, KY, a little Ohio River town just opposite of Cincinnati, OH. The massive former theater space started to transform into an event space, hosting everything from nationally-acclaimed music acts to amateur wrestling.

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Things were good at the new space, but Paul and his troupe known as “Circus Mojo,” knew they could do even better. Paul began putting together plans to brew beer in the space. While a bunch of circus clowns brewing beer sounds absurd, it’s actually not a totally new concept.

Paul befriended a fellow clown from Belgium at the 2010 Network of International Circus Educators Conference (Yes, that’s a thing.) who mentioned they were funding their youth circus by selling their own beer.

Paul brought the idea back to the states and Bircus was born.

bircus brewery ludlow ky

Of course, clowns don’t really know how to brew beer, so they brought in a top-notch brewmaster to make sure their beer was as tasty as their antics were amusing.

And like all great ventures, it took money. To climb that hurdle, Bircus became the very first brewery in the U.S. to be approved for the Tier 1 of Regulation A+ funding strategy with the SEC. Ok, in layman’s terms, that means regular folks like us can invest in Bircus by buying shares.

And they have. To date, nearly $400,000 has been raised by offering $1,000 shares. Only 100 or so shares remain, so if you want to own part of a brewery, you should act fast.

So what exactly does this brewery’s income support? It’s essentially funding fun. The troupe, “Circus Mojo,” is all about spreading joy throughout the community by frequenting nursing homes and even children’s hospitals, teaching folks how to spin plates and perform other circus tricks.

The space has also become a haven for other circus folk and creative types. Stop in on any given day, and you’ll find people honing their juggling skills or riding a unicycle through the parking lot. It’s just marvelously fun.

The charming tasting room has a circus feel with free popcorn and circus equipment on the walls as well s several Bircus beers on tap. If they’re not too busy, they’re happy to show you the main event space or balance a stool on their chin or roll across the floor on a giant ball while drinking a beer. Clowns. Just total clowns, we tell you.

As the Bircus idea takes hold in Ludlow, KY, Paul Miller hopes they can create a model for other circus troupes across the country. With Ringling Brothers a fading memory and even all the Ronald McDonalds now looking for new employment, the folks at Bircus want their endeavor to be replicated wherever good circus and clown people are hoping to continue spreading cheer.

Stop by their tasting room Wednesday-Sunday. For info on upcoming shows, investor info, and tasting room hours & events, follow them on Facebook and head over to their webpage.

Bircus Brewing

326 Elm St.

Ludlow, Kentucky 41016

(859) 360-7757


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